AHY meets with Airlangga: Golkar and Democrats support 33 Candidate Pairs

Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – After Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (“AHY”) was elected General Chairman of the Democrat Party in its Fifth Congress, he visited the Office of the Functional Group Party’s Central Leadership Council (Dewan Pimpinan Pusat Partai Golongan Karya – “DPP Golkar”), West Jakarta, on Thursday (25/06/2020). AHY stated that he made the return visit to Democrat Party to provide moral support to the Government, specifically Airlangga, the Coordinating Minister of the Economy, in its effort to mitigate COVID-19. “During our talk, we also agreed that unity must be prioritized in a crisis situation. Even though each political party has its own sovereignty, different views and perceptions, in the end we must unite in a great construction in order to save this nation from the pandemic crisis and its socio-economic impact,” he said. 

The two Party Chairmen met in relation with their Parties’ plan to form a coalition in the Simultaneous Regional Elections on 9 December 2020. “We hoped that the meeting would bring good to us all, and naturally we hope it won’t be the last. We look to build stronger synergy and togetherness as time goes by. We hope to build strong coalitions in the regions that we consider to be potential and to have good chemistry with the candidates that we support, and to bring progress to everyone,” AHY said. 

Golkar Party’s General Chairman Airlangga Hartarto stated that he and AHY discussed many issues in the meeting, including the coalition between the two parties in the upcoming Simultaneous Regional Elections 2020. “We discussed our political agendas for the Regional Elections on 9 December. This will be the first Regional Elections in the New Normal and will naturally differ from the previous Regional Elections. Golkar Party supports 33 Candidate Pairs with the Democrat Party in the Regional Elections, and we have 31 other potential areas in our sleeve,” he said. 

Airlangga stated that party coalitions at regional level are multi-party coalitions. In other words, there are opportunities for both parties to build up their common power (even though the Democrat Party is outside of the Government at a national level). The two Chairmen also discussed the current COVID-19 situation and Government programs for mitigating the pandemic. “We also discussed the New Normal and the condition of the State in relation to the pandemic – Government programs for mitigating COVID-19, starting from health, social security network, the economy, and finance. One prominent item we discussed was how to maintain micro, small, and medium-sized business – how to provide them with sufficient stimulus so that they can continue their activities in the new normal, before the vaccine is found,” he said. 

Even though Golkar is in the Government and the Democrat isn’t, the two Parties have the same ideology for national development. “With these similarities, with our support of Government programs for the current situation, political stability is extremely important. Democrat Party and Golkar Party agree to maintain this stability. Furthermore, we will continue to communicate in order to be able to maintain our respective national agendas for the sake of the people’s overall welfare,” Airlangga said. (Dan)