AHY: Democrats outside government

Democratic Party Deputy Chairman, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – President Joko Widodo’s plan to reappoint six ministers to strengthen the effectiveness of Government was linked with news that the Democratic Party was one of the parties the Jokowi-Amin government would embrace by offering a position of Deputy Minister. But before the issue matured, it was hurriedly denied by Democratic Party Deputy Chairperson Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY), who claimed to have received no offer from President Jokowi to fill such post. “There was no (offer to be deputy minister),” said AHY in the National Library Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/19/2019). 

AHY respects Jokowi’s prerogative in composing his cabinet. The reason is that he understands that current political realities are not as easy and as simple as imagined. He and the Democratic Party accept this fact very well. “I and the Democratic Party understand the political situation. And once again we thought about it clearly,” he said. 

Even though he did not receive any quota in the cabinet, AHY said that Democrats will continue to focus closely on the community. Democrats, he continued, want to capture all aspirations, hopes, and problems of the community. The eldest son of SBY insisted his party was outside the government. So far, his party still allows Jokowi and his men to show their performance. “So, the Democrats are not in the government,” AHY said. 

He emphasized that the Indonesian Onward Cabinet (KIM) needs to be given space and time to work first by continuing to be guarded and monitored as well. “What is clear is that we must provide room for our leaders and government that have just been formed. Not even a hundred days. It’s not fair if we immediately give an assessment. We will not hesitate to provide constructive, intelligent, and constructive criticism, because of what has to happen in this democracy,” said the candidate for Deputy Governor of Jakarta in 2017. 

For him, the most important is to continue to prioritize the spirit of advancing this country, especially by synergizing and collaborating with anyone, including the current government. “We continue to put forward the spirit to advance the country, synergize and collaborate with anyone,” he added. (Dan)