Ahmad Riza Patria: “Don’t hesitate to remind each other”

Ahmad Riza Patria. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Ah mad Riza Patria, was confirmed pos itive for Covid19, contracted from a member of his staff, who had been infected in a family encounter. Riza has undergone two swab tests. The first,  on  Thursday  26  November, yielded negative results, while the second swab test, taken the follow ing day, came back positive.

“This positive Covid19 finding had  to  have  originated  from  the work environment, where there is a staff member infected by their family. This is of course a concern for all of us, and a reminder to maintain more discipline in health protocols, even within the family,” said Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria in an official statement, on Sunday, No vember 29.

“Both the staff member and all my family members have also un dergone swab tests. As defined by WHO, every patient confirmed to be positive for Covid19 must undergo independent isolation and remain under the supervision of health per sonnel from the clinic to the hospital levels,” said Riza.

“Please  pray  that  we  are  all  in good health. Jakarta is not yet free from the Covid19 pandemic. Don’t hesitate or be shy about remind ing each other of the 3M Protocol (Wearing Masks, Keeping Distance, and Washing Hands). Keep increas ing your faith, immunity, and safe ty,  even  within  the  scope  of  our family.”

“Praise  God,  even  though  the test  results  on  Friday  (27/11) showed positive Covid19, my con dition  is  still  in  good  and  under control”.

Even though the Deputy Gover nor was exposed to Covid19, his activities at the Jakarta City Hall continued as usual. The closure for three days until December 2 was only for Blok B City Hall Building.

Ir. H. Ahmad Riza Patria, MBA, born in Banjarmasin, South Kali mantan, on December 17, 1969, has served as Deputy Governor of Jakarta since April 15, 2020. Pre viously, he was a member of the Indonesian  Parliament  from  the Gerindra  Party  for  two  periods, 2014–2019  and  2019–2024.  In his first term, he served as Deputy Chairperson of Commission II in the Indonesian Parliament.

Get well soon, Mr. Deputy Governor.” (RP)