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Ahmad Muzani: nurture a superior generation for our Centennial


IO – Deputy Speaker of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Ahmad Muzani stresses the importance of preparing a superior generation to herald the 100 years of Indonesia’s Independence, rolling around in 2045. He delivered this inspirational message at the inauguration of Darul Hikam High School in Bandung, Wednesday (1/26/2022). Also attending the event were Darul Hikam Foundation Chairman Sodik Mujahid, Interim Mayor of Bandung Yana Mulyana, and Taufik Hidayat, Speaker of DPRD (West Java Regional People’s Representative Council). 

“In 2045, Indonesia will be a century old, so it has to prepare a superior generation – a generation with a fine character and high morals. Therefore, the type of education teachers provide must meet current standard requirements, fitting the demands of globalization and fiercer competitiveness. Only a generation that has a ‘built-in’ awareness in distinguishing truth and falsehood can face this situation,” said Muzani. 

Muzani believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has become a threat to Indonesia’s human resources (HR). For almost two years, teachers, students, and parents have become restless during the class postponement, since face-to-face meetings were not allowed at school, having been halted to ensure protection during the COVID-16 pandemic. State and regional budgets were also concentrated on revival of public health. 

“The most serious threat from this pandemic is the decline in quality of our human resources. The solution of the problem is vaccination, and our country is one of the top four in the world that has conducted vaccination programs. Although it has cost an enormous amount, people and the Government were able to run the vaccination smoothly. This has become our achievement and synergy,” said Muzani.

Gerindra Party Secretary-General Ahmad Muzani hopes that Darul Hikam High School in Bandung, which has just been inaugurated, may become an institution that brings progress and solution for the nation and public’s problems. Teachers, students, and parents all play pivotal roles, because students in junior and senior high school will be 40-50 years old – a critical age for the journey of a nation – in 2045. 

“The teacher’s role in encouraging students to become a superior generation is indispensable. That’s why teaching is a noble profession, and teachers are often called ‘unsung heroes’. However, we as parents must also take control over the development and character formation of our children,” said Muzani. 

“Private schools such as Darul Hikam must become educational institutions that encourage students to explore references and literacy of their subjects of interest. Therefore, the high school age is the most memorable one, because this is where early character formation begins,” added Muzani. (des)


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