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Ahmad Muzani: Chairman Prabowo will declare this year


IO – Secretary-General of Gerindra Party Central Executive Board Ahmad Muzani has revealed that this year Gerindra General Chairman Prabowo Subianto will announce his intention to run for office. “It’s now 2022, and the general election will be held in February 2024. This means that the general and presidential elections will take place in 2 years. We will request Chairman Prabowo to immediately declare himself a presidential candidate in 2022,” said Muzani, after performing a pilgrimage to the Sunan Ampel burial ground in Surabaya, Tuesday (2/22/2022). 

Muzani is confident that Chairman Prabowo will deliver a declaration to stand as a presidential candidate within a few months. 

Regarding Chairman Prabowo’s partner for the vice presidency, Muzani explained that Gerindra is still carefully deliberating the right fgure to accompany Chairman Prabowo in the effort to win the 2024 presidential election. “There are many outstanding figures who wish to build this nation with Mr. Prabowo,” he said. 

In the pilgrimage, Muzani was accompanied by Anwar Sadad, the chairman of Gerindra Provincial Executive Board of East Java, and representatives of the Ampel family, including Habib Mushthofa Alhaddar.

Muzani said the pilgrimage is a way to commemorate the contributions of religious leaders who bravely fought for the nation. “This is to remind the young generation to follow the truth and defend the good. Our nation has been able to reach this state also because of its religious leaders. So, don’t neglect to acknowledge their contribution,” he elaborated. 

Muzani also conveyed a message from Chairman Prabowo Subianto for Anwar Sadad. “Your responsibility is to make sure that Gerindra will continue to fight for the people in East Java, do good and acknowledge the truth. That is what Chairman Prabowo said. Thus, we can be a persevering party, which is our strength. Our encouragement only derives from the people and the truth. We will continue advancing,” said Muzani. 

Muzani also commended Anwar Sadad’s achievements during his leadership of Gerindra in East Java. One of the most gratifying aspects is the increasing electability of Gerindra in the Province, which is historically close to PDI-P. “Again, Chairman Prabowo encourages the East Java cadres to side with the people and the truth. That is our sole support. They will abandon our struggle if we don’t take their side. That’s why we need to fight for the people,” Muzani reiterated. (des)


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