Ahmad Muzani: all political parties must collaborate in national development

ahmad muzani
Gerindra Party Secretary-General Ahmad Muzani. Photo: MPR RI

IO – Secretary-General of the Gerindra Party Ahmad Muzani has encouraged Gerindra cadres in Central Java to learn from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) in the region, in terms of securing the trust of the people. Muzani delivered this remark during the inauguration of the Gerindra Branch Office in Semarang, Sunday (11/28/2021). Seen attending the event were Gerindra Party elites and PDIP officials of Central Java.

Muzani mentioned that Central Java is a province with distinctive geopolitics. From the 1999 elections, straight through to 2019, PDIP has perpetually dominated in Central Java.

He then talked about Gerindra’s relationship with PDIP: “We have had an up and down relationship with PDIP. We once partnered, in 2009.”

In the 2014 presidential election, Gerindra and PDIP went their separate ways. “And now we reconciled in the Jokowi-Ma’ruf government coalition. In the future, we want to team up again, to grow and develop Indonesia,” said Ahmad Muzani.

He revealed that, geographically, Indonesia is a large country of some 17 thousand islands, with a vast population of some 270 million.

“It would be impossible for one single party to serve all needs. That is why all political parties must work together to build Indonesia’s future and merge into one developmental force. PDIP and Gerindra are the great forces,” he said.