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Agus Prayogo, Cambodia SEA Games marathon gold medalist – Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto: “Congratulations!”


Agus Prayogo
Agus Prayogo, male marathon Gold Medalist in the Cambodian SEA Games. (Source: IG@AGUSPROYOGO21)

Agus has participated in running events since the time he represented his Elementary School during the Regional Sports and Art Week in Magelang. “Together with friends who practiced a lot in all seasons represented Magelang Elementary School Level Regional Sports and Art Week. I remember that my first race started and ended at the Magelang Public Town Square,” he reminisced as quoted by the Merdeka news website. “I also remember that I didn’t have running shoes – my family could only afford school shoes. You know that you need special shoes for running, and the sport was not common like it is now when I was young. It was really hard to find running shoes,” he said. “I ended up running barefoot, no shoes or any other footwear.” 

Agus’ efforts bore fruit. Thanks to his dedication in overcoming his limitations, he won the race. Since then, he focused on becoming an athlete from his college days on. In fact, he dropped out when he was given the opportunity to take part in the National Integrated Practice scheme. “When I had the chance to get into Integrated Practice, I ended up dropping my college education – I lasted only three semesters. I was studying accounting management in Salatiga at the time,” he explained to Indosport. 

However, Agus decided to go on a hiatus in 2005, because the routine of practice wearied him, plus running events were rare at the time. In 2007, he applied to the National Army’s Land Force and was accepted. After a year of basic training, he officially became an active soldier in 2008. As he entered the Army through a scholarship route, he was placed in the Physical Training division. His duties there were still related to sports, i.e. designing and overseeing physical training for his fellow soldiers, ensuring their physical fitness. In 2009, Agus took part in another National Integrated Practice entry test and passed. He won a Gold in his SEA Games debut in Laos. “After a year’s basic military training, my spirit of nationalism surged and I ended up winning a Gold in the 2009 SEA Games – while I never even won a single medal in the National Sports Week when I was younger,” he said. 

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Agus can now proudly acknowledge his status as a Southeast Asia running legend with his seven SEA Games Gold Medals. Congratulations and keep up the great work! (rp)


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