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Agnez Mo, Indonesian singer – Awarded two titles out of four WPVR nominations


Jakarta, IO – Singer Agnez Mo won 2 awards simultaneously, at the WPVR 2022 Year-End Pinnacle Awards. Prizes were awarded for Best Solo Artist or Best Solo Artist and R&B Song of the Year or Best R&B Song of the Year for Patience. 

“Thanks for all the love! Best Solo Artist and Best R&B Song of the Year. Great way to start 2023. It’s an honor to be nominated among these stars, but winning 2 out of 4 nominations is a godsend,” wrote Agnez Mo on Instagram on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. 

Her expression of happiness was complemented by a poster photo of Agnez side-by-side with the other nominees. In addition to getting the Best Solo Artist and Best R&B Song of the Year categories, the owner, whose real name is Agnes Monica, also won 2 other nominations, namely Best R&B Artist or Best R&B Artist and Song of the Year or Song of the Year for Patience. 

“It’s not about being the fastest, it’s about being the furthest #consistency,” wrote Agnez. The 36-year-old singer added a note at the end of her upload where her song “Patience” describes its true meaning. She stated that Patience is in 9th of the top 10 on the US Radio R&B chart and 38th out of the top 50 as the most streamed R&B song of 2022 on a media basis. 

“Ain’t it funny, that the song is called Patience, and while I was doing it, it actually got me my first TOP 10 #9 on the US Radio R&B chart, and my top 50 #38 the most R&B ever playing songs throughout 2022 based on MEDIA BASE!?!!,”. 

At the WPVR 2022 Year-End Pinnacle Awards, Agnez Mo competed with Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles and Justin Bieber in the Best Solo Artist category. Agnez also competes with Beyonce, Chris Brown ft. Wizkid, Doja Cat, and Lizzo for the R&B song category. 

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The WPVR 2022 Year-End Pinnacle Awards are presented by WPVR NY Platinum Vibes Radio, a radio broadcast program based in New York, United States. Apart from Agnez Mo, another singer from Indonesia, namely Sorenza Nuryanti, also won the Best Indie Pop Song of the Year category for the single Reality Show (FF version) at the WPVR 2022 Year-End Pinnacle Awards.

Sorenza Nuryanti expressed her pride in being able to win an award in Uncle Sam’s country, with the world’s great musical stars. “I am happy and very proud because there are so many talented musicians in the world, especially alongside other international indie musicians,” Sorenza said in a written statement to the press. (*/rp)


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