Affordable, innovative FlexyPack


IO – A start-up company known as “FlexyPack” was founded to support all businesses, from MSMEs to large companies, in maximizing sales through quick and effective packaging of their products. FlexyPack provides protection, hygiene, small minimum orders, affordable prices and innovative designs. FlexyPack offers high-quality packaging to support businesses. 

“Packaging is one of the main barriers in business, often faced by both MSMEs and large-scale enterprises. Packaging plays an important role in maintaining a product’s safety, particularly perishable foods. A product’s packaging is essential, as its attractiveness stimulates consumer demand,” stated Michael Justini, CEO and Co-Founder of FlexyPack. 

Director of the Cooperative and SME Marketing Service Institute (Smesco Indonesia) Leonard Theosabrata explained how businesses need support from an acknowledged expert for varied packaging formats to yield more appealing products and meet national and international standards. Smesco provides training and assistance on packaging, promotion and branding for SMEs to become more familiar with modern packaging techniques and apply effective design & branding to broaden market appeal and increase competitiveness. “Packaging transformation educates SMEs to implement a more hygienic and responsible production protocol,” he also declared. 

FlexyPack has a track record, having produced millions of packages for thousands of foods, along with cosmetics business owners, SMEs to large-scale businesses across Indonesia, market players who would like to present their products well-packed and secure. Consumers are welcome to consult the FlexyPack team to look through the types and order a special design for their unique products. Large-capacity production allows FlexyPack to reach all levels of consumer at affordable prices. 

“FlexyPack is the first and only digital-flexible packaging to support world-class SME brands. Our mission is to invite and train all types of business owners, enabling them to develop their businesses to a global level,” said Michael. 

Minimum order quantity (MOQ), which starts from IDR 299,000 for 100 pieces of packaging, is FlexyPack’s main solution to help small businesses. Such a minimum order helps MSMEs have full color and flexible packaging that small businesses cannot usually order from large packaging companies. Faster production enables MSMEs to market their products rapidly, to create better cash flow management. 

“FlexyPack provides various types of materials, shapes, and sizes of flexible packaging to adapt to small business products and needs. All packaging is made of superior quality materials. Our packages are printed, designed, and produced by prioritizing the best technology and quality,” assured Denny Winoto, CTO and Co-Founder of FlexyPack.