Affordable, delectable sushi etc. at Sushi Murmer

    A delicious array of sushi pieces. (Source: Nurvita Indarini)

    Jakarta, IO – Happy International Sushi Day (18 June)! 

    The thing about sushi is that it’s hard to find delicious, yet budget-friendly sushi joints. It’s either pricey yet palatable, or low-priced and low-quality. 

    With that in mind, I suggest that you try the place I went to on Sushi Day this year: Sushi Murmer. Like its name, murmer, it really is cheap and cheerful (“murah meriah”). And it serves dishes other than sushi too!

    Let’s check it out! 

    ramen beef
    Beef ramen, just the right dish to eat during cold days. (Source: Nurvita Indarini)

    Rice Dishes: Sushi and Onigiri, er, Kimbap 

    First off, the price. Just how cheap it is anyway? 

    Would you consider IDR 10,000.00 to be cheap? 

    Yes? That’s good! 

    How about less than IDR 10,000.00 per piece? 

    I kid you not! 

    They have a mini portion of two pieces of sushi or other finger foods at IDR 8,000.00. If you are just curious, in the mood for a savory snack, and are watching your weight and diet, this will suit you to a T. These affordable types include things such as crispy mentai (fish roe) pieces, mentai sushi roll, cheesy roll, crunchy tempura batter-fried cabbage, and aonori seaweed chips.