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Ads Mall, the first advertising marketplace app in the world, from Indonesia


IO, Jakarta – In the current era, where everything is digitized, adver­tising becomes even more important. As a business activity, it is still the best way to optimize the distribution of information about the goods and services produced to consumers. Both traditional and digital advertis­ing can help marketing quickly and measurably. “The industrial world is very competitive nowadays, espe­cially with the support of advanced technology. Innovations in advertis­ing continue to grow positively. We believe that with the right marketing planning and strategies, we can get any brand to become known and widely used by society. We are happy to present ‘Ads Mall’, which will help brands and ad agencies grow together in today’s highly-competitive indus­try. We hope to achieve cost efficiency and market suitability with this app,” said PT Kirbat Baru Indonesia’s Chief Executive Officer, Yohanes Rocky.

Ads Mall is the first app in Indo­nesia (or even in the world) to offer a full service plus agency concept. It is a directory of all advertising media in Indonesia. It has a transparent work system that supports the work of marketing, customer service, and me­dia teams. Through Ads Mall, brand owners and service providers can di­rectly select the media that they want to use to get through to their target market using online applications. It also has its own marketing team, that will help you design your marketing concept and choose the right media that can accurately target your brand and service market. It was created to standardize and digitize payments, as it will help media get quick pay or get paid ahead as necessary, while ad­vertisers can choose the best media to get to their targets.

Ads Mall has various media placement providers: Indoor, Out­door Static, Outdoor Mobile, Digital Media and Mass Media. This array of choices in one spot allows various goods and service brand owners to see their products advertised, wheth­er statically or dynamically, using various media and in various loca­tions, including airports, malls, train stations, bus terminals, cinemas, buildings, road crossings, crossing bridges, police precincts, toll gates, trains, buses, mini-trans, airplanes, motorcycles, trucks, billboards, social media sites, news portals, television stations, radio stations, newspapers, tabloids and magazines, through the many advertising agencies registered on the app.

Ads Mall clients and partners are found in various cities in Indonesia, and even in neighboring countries like China, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. “Ads Mall is the biggest and most comprehensive advertising marketplace platform. It is the first e-commerce-based app in the world based on a full service plus agency concept, ” Yohanes Rocky said at the Ads Mall grand launching event, held at Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta on 14 February 2020.

“Ads Mall also offers various con­veniences, chief of them being the ability to use the app anytime, any­where; a comprehensive ad-provider media directory that even includes foreign ad media; and ease and re­liability of payment,” Hermanto, Ads Mall’s Vice President of Operation, added.


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