Adrenaline rush in the splendor of Coban Sewu

Coban Sewu is a natural tourist spot in the Pujon area. With charming natural beauty, makes this place always interesting to visit. (photo: IO/ Paramita Hendra)

IO – Maybe the name Coban Sewu is not quite frequently heard. But, for connoisseurs of the archipelago par­adise Coban Sewu is not something strange. Coban itself is the nickname of the “waterfall” in Malang Regency, East Java, while Sewu means “Thou­sand” in Javanese.

This natural tourist spot in the Pujon area offers charming natural beauty and makes this place always interesting to visit. Coban Sewu Line is perfect for those who like adrena­line-driven adventure tours, because some of the locations here are quite difficult and require certain tech­niques. You will pass several streams of water and rocks on a cliff that rises and make the path you pass becomes slippery.

But your sacrifice will not be in vain, because after arriving at the lo­cation, you will be presented with a beautiful view. Here, all visitors will feel how cool the natural nuances of Coban Sewu from the top and bottom of the waterfall. It’s no exaggeration that the view here is like Niagara Falls which is perfectly presented for na­ture lovers.

When enjoying from the bottom, you can feel the waterfall gliding ex­oticly before your eyes. Water splash­es from Coban Sewu make the sur­roundings wet. It is a pity if you do not capture a camera shot. The back­ground of the waterfall will make the photos more epic.

Its hidden location and quite dan­gerous to visit makes the challenge to this location quite big. Even so, this is an attraction for those who are ad­venturous. As for the route that can be taken with the starting point of Lumajang City’s journey, you must visit the Drops Cave first by using a bus or private vehicle to make it easier. From the point of entry of the Tetes Cave then the journey contin­ues trekking to Coban Sewu. Be care­ful when trekking, prepare yourself, as much as possible you are accom­panied by experts because the path is dangerous and slippery which will be a challenge.

The price of admission to Coban Sewu is very cheap, the cost you have to pay is only Rp.4000 per person. if using a private vehicle, the additional parking fee is only Rp.2000 per ve­hicle. With such a cheap price, you have got the beauty presented at this one waterfall. Do not forget to also bring a camera to capture the moment in this area, you will get a really good portrait photo spot in this waterfall.

Other supporting facilities include a toilet and a gazebo for you to rest. There are no stalls in this plunge area, you can order on the main road to the Coban Sewu location and relax in the gazebo provided by the man­ager. If you are feeling tired, visiting this one waterfall will surely make your fatigue disappear instantly. The sounds of nature with singing birds singing will add to the natural feel. So if you are in Malang and want to familiarize yourself with nature tour­ism, Coban Sewu is the recommend­ed place for you.
(Paramitha Hendra)

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