Ade Rai, bodybuilder and health activist “Being healthy is not a goal – it’s a basic requirement of living”

Ade Rai
Ade Rai (Source: Instagram @aderai)

The biggest obstacle in building the people’s awareness about the importance of daily maintenance of health is education. “People must be made aware that being healthy is not a goal. Being healthy is the basic requirement of living – you can’t do anything much if you’re not healthy. And infectious diseases generally infect weak bodies. So what the State needs to do is to get its citizens healthy and strong, so that they have less chance of getting infected, and even if they do, they have better chance to survive and get cured quicker. We must now focus more on campaigns about the importance of regular exercise, watching what we eat, and how to cope with our stress. Illness prevention and health promotion are the lessons that we need to prioritize in today’s era of late infection,” Ade Rai said. “That’s why I tell you: We cannot achieve it today, or even this year. But by making ourselves and our environs more health aware, we will build an overall strong awareness, and our country will be filled with health-savvy citizens.” 

Ade Rai went on to remind everyone that a healthy body is composed of balanced fluids, healthy organs, tough bones, taut muscles, and low fat levels. “Being ‘healthy’ is defined as when your physical composition is balanced. However, from the age of 30, all humans lose about 1% muscle mass each year. This 1% reduction is equal to a 1%-3% reduction in the muscle’s function. Lowered muscle mass and function translates to weakened bones, as well as increased body fat, which in turn increases the chance for non-infectious diseases. By maintaining the balance of my body’s composition, I remain healthy and even delay my aging. You know, people just love to argue and win arguments, while foolishly lose in terms of health. We all must serve others – but we can’t give if we ourselves don’t have it! In health education, I keep the wise words of Ki Hajar Dewantara in my heart and mind, and I try to make sure that I act it in every step I take: ing ngarsa sung tulada, ‘teaching by example’,” he said. 

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Ade Rai likens the body to a four-wheeled vehicle: “In terms of overall health, our bodies, thoughts, emotions, and life energy are the four wheels that enable us to run,” he said. “When a human is able to create joy in their body, they become healthy. When they are able to create joy in the mind, they become peaceful. When they create joy in their emotions, they become full of love and affection. And finally, when they are able to create joy in their life energy, their chakras will be empowered. So I remind everyone not to be so focused on battling diseases that we forget to prevent diseases instead, by living a healthy life.” (des)