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AdaKami & Jakarta Mangrove Community Plant 500 for “One-Million Tree Day”


Jakarta, IO – In commemorating the One-Million Tree Day, which falls on January 10 2023, AdaKami collaborates with The Jakarta Mangrove Community carry out an action to plant 500 mangrove plant type Rhizopora Sp. The planting action will be carried out on Sunday, January 15 2023 at the PIK Mangrove Ecotourism, North Jakarta. 

This environmental care activity is expected to make a real contribution and have a positive impact on the mangrove ecosystem, and of course the surrounding environment. This environmental care activity is divided into two activities, namely, cleaning up plastic waste around the PIK Mangrove Ecotourism and planting 500 mangroves of the Rhizophora Stylosa type. The series of planting events began with a briefing about the function and importance of planting mangrove trees, conducted by Paundra Hanutama, Founder of Mangrove Jakarta, who is also an environmental activist; it continued with the planting, carried out by a team of volunteers. 

“In commemorating and respect for the One-Million Tree Day, we chose to plant mangrove trees. It’s all because mangrove trees are plants that have many benefits both in terms of physical, biological, and economic realms,” said Jonathan Krissantosa, Business Development Manager of PT Pembinaan Digital Indonesia (AdaKami). 

“From a physical perspective, mangroves are useful as a fortress that can cut down a tsunami. Meanwhile, in terms of biology, the mangrove ecosystem is useful as a place for protection and growth and development of animals such as fish, shrimp, and several other animals. And of course, from an economic point of view, mangroves are also useful as raw materials in making Dodol (sweet toffee-like confection), Syrup, Sugar, Batik Cloth, and others,” said Jonathan. 

“And we hope that in the future with this kind of activities, many people will be aware of the importance of the function of trees for life, so that they will actively plant mangroves for the good of the earth. Hopefully our activities with volunteers and the Jakarta Mangrove team can run smoothly and can contribute to preventing climate change.” Jonathan added. 


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