Accountability Statement Report of the Regent of Teluk Bintuni, Received by Acclamation by All Faction

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Teluk Bintuni – The Regent of Teluk Bintuni, Ir Petrus Kasihiw, MT accompanied by the Deputy Regent, Matret Kokop, SH, on 7/8/2020 delivered the Accountability Statement Report (LKPJ) for the Teluk Bintuni Regency Regional Budget (APBD), the 2019 fiscal year in front of Bintuni Bay Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD). An introductory note describing the program and the distribution and use of the Bintuni Bay Regional Budget throughout 2019 was read by the Regent and often received applause from the plenary meeting participants. A total of more than 37 pro-people programs financed by the APBD were assessed by all factions as being right on target in the effort to build Bintuni Bay, according to the vision and mission of the Regent and Deputy Regent at the start of their tenure. The award for Reasonable Without Exception achievement by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) for four years in office also received an appreciation which sent the introductory note to be received by acclamation by all factions in the Bintuni Bay DPRD which was delivered on 8/9/2020. “The Regional Government Financial Report (LKPD) 2019, which has been audited by the West Papua Provincial Representative Audit Board, has succeeded in obtaining an opinion” Reasonable Without Exception / (WTP) “on the 2019 Regional Government Financial Report, this achievement is the sixth WTP. “This is the fourth time during my leadership with Mr Matret Kokop, namely LKPD 2016, LKPD 2017, LKPD 2018 and LKPD 2019,” said Regent Kasihiw in his speech. The Regent in his introductory note also explained the success of the local government in handling the APBD deficit with a strategy of controlling regional spending effectively and efficiently, as well as exploring the potential for regional revenue from various sources and coordinating intensely with the ministry of finance through the Directorate General of Fiscal Balance. Due to the deficit that occurred due to the non-distribution of the Natural Resources Revenue Sharing Fund (DBH), the regional government together with the Director General of Fiscal Balance was finally able to change the simulation of the Bintuni Bay APBD deficit into a surplus. “Changing the deficit simulation to a surplus is not an achievement, but it can be used as a momentum to ensure that local governments are able to deal with deficit challenges, without having to use a loan scheme,” said Regent Kasihiw in his introductory speech. The Regent also explained a number of achievements of the local government on their performance in developing Human Resources, on the indicators: Literacy Rate which increased by 0.46%, The average number of years of schooling had increased by 0.18%, Expectancy Rate Length of schooling by 0.23%, Life Expectancy Rate of 0.45 years, and Human Development Index. Meanwhile, the indicators of achievement in the economic sector were presented by the Regent Kasihiw with several performance improvements, including: Gross Regional Domestic Product at Current Price increased by 2.4 trillion Rupiah, Gross Regional Domestic Product at Constant Prices increased, Gross Regional Domestic Product experienced significant growth of 3.57%, Gross Regional Domestic Product based on Current Price per capita increased by 27.8 million rupiah to 487.4 million rupiah in 2019, Gross Regional Domestic Product based on a constant price per capita increased by 7.1 million rupiah, per capita Expenditure increased from 9,622,000 in 2018, to 9,821,000 in 2019, or increased by Rp199,000. The plenary session, which was suspended for one day, was followed by hearing from the opinions of the factions in the Bintuni Bay DPRD on 9/8/2020. The response of the entire faction that received the accountability report ended without a note of objection at all. The National Democratic Development Faction, the Golkar Faction, the United Indonesia Faction, and the United Democratic National Faction agree that the development and programs and performance of the Teluk Bintuni Regency Regional Government during the leadership of Ir Petrus Kasihiw, MT and Matret Kokop, SH have been right on target accompanying transparency in financial management good to be able to achieve WTP for 4 consecutive years.