Acai Bar: Start your healthy life with right food

Acai Bar is a healthy smoothie bowl café, with Rio Loco as its favorite dish; it contains acai, almond milk, and banana with honey nut granola, sliced avocado, strawberries, mango, chia seeds, and honey drizzle toppings. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Following the trend of people in Jakarta today, we can see that there are now many restaurants or cafes with modern concepts and themes relating to healthy food. A variety of superfood foods such as salads or smoothies and juices can be a good choice for nutrition. Yes, as time goes by, more people are becoming more aware of their health. Thus, more and more healthy places to eat in Jakarta have sprung up to meet the capital’s healthy lifestyle. How about you? Have you started to pay attention to your food intake and health? I recently visited one of the cafes which had only been operating for a few months and served a variety of healthy menus.

Acai Bar uses the concept of a modern minimalist cafe that is quite artistic. With a predominantly plain purple and white color in the entire room that adapts to the color of Acai which is basically purple. The use of a mirror that is quite long with a sticker decoration that gives a modern touch and also adds an impression to the room to look more spacious. Besides that, we can also see pictures on the wall showing the atmosphere on this Acai plantation originating from Brazil. According to the minimalist concept, the place is not too large, using white plastic material chairs and tables so that it looks clean. Quite different from other smoothie bowl cafes, Acai Bar focuses on cold desserts made from Acai. This Acai is a type of berry originating from the South American country, with purple resembling grapes, which certainly contains many nutrients such as antioxidants, calcium, omega-3 and fiber which are good for the body’s nutrition. Therefore, Acai Bar presents a choice of enjoying acai in a modern way which is also delicious. 

Available in several menu choices with different flavors, even with the same ingredients is acai. One of my favorites is the Amazon Signature which is a best seller. This beautiful bowl consists of acai, apple juice and banana blended together. Then add chia seeds, granola, and honey as toppings. Not to forget, in the bowl also added bananas, grapes, and strawberries. Imagine how healthy and fresh this bowl is, and it certainly makes you full! For connoisseurs of creamy taste, you can try Rio Loco. The combination of acai, banana and almond milk as a base from this bowl makes the smoothie very creamy. Especially with the addition of avocados as one of the fresh fruits in the topping. Even though it has a creamy main flavor, this bowl won’t alarm you. Because, besides there are granola, chia seeds and honey as toppings, mango and raspberry pieces also decorate this bowl topping. The last menu is also one of the favorite menus that are often ordered by visitors to the Acai Bar: Malibu Surfers. While using acai and banana together as ingredients for smoothies like the Amazon Signature, Malibu Surfers gives a different touch here because apple juice is replaced with guava juice! In addition, chia seeds, granola, honey also continue to decorate this bowl as a topping, accompanied by bananas, strawberries, and mangoes too.

One serving of the acai bowl is quite filling; this can be a substitute for heavy foods usually like rice or potatoes. Each menu will be served with different toppings such as raisins, granola, and various fruits. For prices classified as quite high but according to the target market in South Jakarta, this cafe puts forward the needs of expatriates and also residents of Jakarta who are changing their healthy lifestyle. You only need to spend Rp. 70,000 – 80,000 per portion. Acai Bar will certainly be a suitable place to follow a healthy life trend, besides that we can also enjoy a variety of cold and tasty acai bowls. (Aldo)