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Joko Widodo: There is no choice, the TNI and Polri will take firm action in accordance to law

Indonesian President, Joko Widodo. (photo: Google Image)

IO, Jakarta – Massive action took place in Jakarta on May 21-22 2019. The masses poured out to the streets because they rejected the fraudulent election results, and at the same time, more than 600 KPPS officers, Supervisory Committee and Police have died.  After the mass action, Joko Widodo gave a press statement.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo stressed that the government would not allow the perpetrators of riots and disturbances in security and democracy in Indonesia.  The statement was conveyed in a statement addressing the situation in Jakarta related to the riots on May 22, 2019 in front of the Indonesian Election Supervisory Body to the Petamburan and Tanah Abang areas, Central Jakarta. 

“(We) will not tolerate anyone who disrupts security or threatens democratic processes, damaging the unity of our beloved country, especially rioters.  “We will not accommodate rioters who will damage our country,” Jokowi said, delivering a statement at Merdeka Palace, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (22/5). “There is no choice: the TNI and Polri will take firm action in accordance to law,” said Jokowi. (dsy)

6 people die, Prabowo: Worried about national unity

Prabowo worried about national unity. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)

IO, Jakarta – Presidential Candidate Prabowo Subianto spoke out about riots after the demo on 21-22 May 2019. He expressed his condolences.

“Innalillahi wainna ilaihirajiun. We express our condolences for the death of 6 people and the injury of hundreds of people who were victims of violence at night and early morning,” Prabowo said at a press conference on Jl Kertanegara, South Jakarta, Wednesday (5/22/2019) .

He said to support peaceful constitutional rights and ask all parties to hold back. “As we have said many times before, we support all uses of constitutional rights that are morally peaceful and non-violent in our national political struggle,” he said.

"The violence that occurred last night and the next morning has tarnished the good name and dignity of the Indonesian people, should not happen again. If this happens again, we are very worried about the unity of the Indonesian nation," concluded Prabowo.
Prabowo held a press conference accompanied by Sandiaga Uno, Amien Rais, Hanafi Rais, Neno Warisman, Fadli Zon, Salim Segaf, Dahnil Anzar, and others. (dsy)

Prabowo’s message to the ‘May 22 action’ participants: Always obey the law

Prabowo uploaded a message video for the May 22' participants. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO, Jakarta – Prabowo Subianto uploaded a message video for masses that participate the 22 May action which was still in front of Bawaslu and other points. Prabowo called on the masses for they to go home.

“Even though this is a peaceful action, it can end, go home and rest, as tomorrow we continue our duty,” said Prabowo through the video that was uploaded through his official Twitter account on Wednesday (5/22/2018) at around 23.20 WIB.

Prabowo is asking the masses to go home now. He also asked the masses not to create any illegal acts.

“Always succumb and always obey the legal provisions. Trust your leader, as we are struggling in all legal and constitutional paths. We must remember the interests of the people, for that I asked all of you to always be calm, be patient, “said Prabowo.

Prabowo also gave a message to the apparatus who secured the action. He requested that the apparatus not be repressive. “On the contrary, I beg the authorities to always hold back, we are all looking for the best solution and what’s best for the nation,” Prabowo said. (Eka, dha)

East Java Nahdlatul Ulama clergy: This riot is the accumulated result of unfair and dishonest elections

Ulemas of East Java Nahdlatul Ulama. (photo:

IO, Jakarta – “The ulema and clergy of the renowned civil organization Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), specifically from the Cultural Section in East Java, are concerned about the subsequent victims in the riots that occurred in our capital city of Jakarta on 21-22 May 2019, mostly in a number of areas in Central Jakarta,” said Kiai Haji Ahmad Fauzi Afandi in the press conference held with the alim ulama (religious scholars) of East Java, including Gus Aam, KH Ahmad Fauzi Afandi, KH Rozy Shihab, KH Fadholi M. Ruham, and Ustadz Lieut. Col. Sugito at Sofyan Hotel, Menteng, Jakarta, on Wednesday (22/5/2019).

“We firmly believe that this tragedy and riot are the accumulated result of our Elections having failed to adhere to the principles of “luber” (“langsung, umum, bebas, rahasia” – direct, public, free, and confidential) and “jurdil” (“jujur dan adil” – fair and honest),” Kiai Haji Ahmad said.

Kiai Ahmad reiterates that the Government should immediately attend to the injured and dead victims, otherwise, there is a high potential for widespread escalation. “We request that the Government, specifically the Police, to be fair, professional, and proportional in order to prevent more victims from falling,” he advised. (dsy)

The former chief KPK joined the Prabowo Legal Team to sue the Presidential Election to the Constitutional Court

Rikrik Rizkiyana, Former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) commissioner. (photo:

IO, Jakarta – Coordinator spokesman for the National Winning Body (BPN) Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Uno, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak mentioned four names of advocates who would become Prabowo’s legal team to sue the results of the 2019 Presidential Election or Presidential Election to the Constitutional Court.

The four names are Rikrik Rizkiyana, Denny Indrayana, Bambang Widjojanto, and Andi Irmanputra Sidin. Dahnil said the team will be coordinated by Rikrik, while three other advocates were members and spokespersons.

“The coordinator is Rikrik, then the legal team there are, Prof. (Preofesor) Denny Indrayana, Bambang Widjojanto, and Irmanputra Sidin,” said Dahnil when met at Prabowo’s house, Kertanegara, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta on Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

Dahnil said that now the legal team is currently preparing the claim file. He said, the lawsuit will be registered before the deadline set by the General Election Commission on May 24.

Rikrik Rizkiyana and Bambang Widjojanto are two leaders in the Tim Gubernur untuk Percepatan Pembangunan (Governor Team for the Acceleration of Development) (TGUPP) formed by DKI Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan. Rikrik is the Chairperson of the TGUPP Regulation of Harmonization, while Bambang is the Chair of the TGUPP in the Corruption Prevention division.

Bambang also has a background as Deputy Chairperson of the Corruption Eradication Commission for 2011-2015. Previously, BPN Prabowo-Sandiaga said Bambang was an expert that provided input regarding the issue of corruption, which was the theme of the first debate on the presidential election on January 17.

Besides being TGUPP, Rikrik is also a lawyer for one of Sandiaga’s company. Denny Indrayana is a former Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights, and Special Staff for Indonesia’s sixth President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, along with a number of figures and institutions, he once sued the presidential threshold of 20 percent. Andi Irmanputra Sidin is known as an expert in constitutional law. (dsy)

Prabowo’s message to army and police: Never beat and shoot the people

Prabowo Subianto in one of his campaign for 2019 Presidential election. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO, Jakarta – Prabowo Subianto has asked for the violent actions carried out while delivering the people aspirations not to be repeated. Prabowo hopes that all parties will restrain themselves.

“Such as we have said over and over again before, we support all uses of moral, constitutional rights that are peaceful and without violence in the fight for the politics of our nation,” said Prabowo in a press conference in Jalan Kertanegara, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta on Wednesday (21/5/2019).

“As a result, I ask all parts of the community delivering their aspirations, the police, the army, and everyone to restrain themselves so as to not carry out physical violence,” said Prabowo.

Prabowo also asked all public officials, police, politicians, public figures, religious figures, netizens, and all people of the nation to avoid provocative words. Prabowo stated that such language is forbidden, especially as it is Ramadan.

Other than that, Prabowo stated that the rioting in the early morning of May 22 was a violent event. If repeated, Prabowo said he was worried that the nation’s unity could be split.

“We ask for the violent events last night and also in the early morning which have tarnished the dignity of the Indonesian nation not to happen again,” stated Prabowo.

Prabowo also hoped that unity of the army and police with the people were maintained and they were not to be used as tools of the powerful. “Army/police brothers/sisters, your uniforms, food, and weapons are financed by the people. Never beat and shoot the people. Let’s take care of the people, so they stay peaceful and happy,” Prabowo concluded (dsy)

Supported by hundreds of lawyers, Prabowo-Sandi National Success Team to file lawsuit to the Constitutional Court (MK)

Prabowo-Sandi preparing a lawsuit to the constitutional court. (photo: repelita)

IO, Jakarta – Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno has already formed a legal team to file a  lawsuit to the Constitutional Court (MK). The legal team will be led by Otto Hasibuan and Ahmad Sufmi Dasco.

“The commanders consist of the combination of Bang Dasco and Bang Otto,” said Prabowo-Sandiaga National Success Team (BPN) Deputy Head Priyo Budi Santoso to reporters on Tuesday (21/5/2019).

Priyo stated that the legal team was under the coordination of the Prabowo-Sandiaga National Success Team Directorate of Advocacy and Law. “Basically, it is coordinated in the Directorate of Law. There is Bang Otto and the team,” he said.

The Workers Party (Partai Berkarya) member also stated that hundreds of lawyers would join the Prabowo-Sandiaga legal team.

“There are very many, hundreds. And many more lawyers will join. At least, more than a hundred,” said Priyo.

As is known, Prabowo-Sandiaga will file a lawsuit to the Constitutional court. The lawsuit submitted will be to address the election results previously announced by the General Election Commission (KPU).

Previously, the KPU had announced the results of its recapitulation of the 2019 Presidential Election votes where Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin were determined to be the winners, taking in 55.50% with Prabowo-Sandi taking in 44.50% of the vote.

“Addressing the results from the KPU which have already announced the national recapitulation early this morning. The meeting today determined that candidate serial number 02 will file a lawsuit to the Constitution Court,” said Prabowo-Sandi BPN Director of Advocacy and Law Sufmi Dasco Ahmad in Prabowo’s residence in Jalan Kertanegara, South Jakarta on Tuesday (21/5) (dsy)

The struggle is not over, Sandi fights beside Prabowo until the last drop of blood

Prabowo -Sandiaga will fight until the last drop of blood. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO, Jakarta – Vice-Presidential Candidate Number 02 Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno is rarely seen together with Presidential Candidate Prabowo Subianto. However, their hearts unite in their fight for the welfare, justice, and prosperity of our people. When Prabowo is busy consolidating with supporting party coalition, public figures, and the ulema, Sandi performed his guerrilla by greeting the people in the regions.

Sandi, who reflects the millennial spirit in our domestic political forum, is Prabowo’s backbone in disseminating the vision and mission of “Indonesia Wins” to people the all regions. After the elections, Sandi travelled again to greet volunteers, supporters, sympathizers, and the public, as well as attending various entrepreneurship training events. In every opportunity, Sandi never forgets to express his gratitude for the support from the people in the regions that he visits to Prabowo-Sandi as the elected President and Vice President according to the count made by the National Committee to Elect Prabowo-Sandi (Badan Pemenangan Nasional – “BPN”) with a vote of 62%.

Sandi’s appearance after his illness during the voting day also reiterates that he remains faithful in his support of Prabowo Subianto’s fight for the people’s votes that certain parties want to steal. At Prabowo-Sandi Media Center, he denied any distancing of his relations with Prabowo. He was also present at Sahid Jaya Hotel with Prabowo to expose facts about frauds in the 2019 Presidential Elections on Tuesday (14/05/2019). This further shows that he would be by Prabowo’s side, fighting together for the people’s voices.

There are many reasons why he would continue to fight for the people, among others the inspiration given to him by Mrs. Minurlin, the wife of former Commander General of the Special Forces Agus Sutomo. She ensured that her sovereignty is not robbed by guarding ballot boxes all through the night, to make sure that they are not moved without permission from electoral officials. “This is why we cannot underestimate the power of mommies. It is these mommies who are honest, who speak candidly, and who fight according to their conscience. Thank you, Mrs. Minurlin. For us, you are a true hero of democracy,” Sandi said.

Sandi further stated that there are so many things to note in the 2019 Elections – starting from suspicious data, money politics, electoral injustice, various electoral frauds, to the death of more than 600 electoral officials and the hospitalization of 3000 other people. This is an expensive lesson that must serve for direction for better elections in the future. “Yet, despite all the challenges, I, Pak Prabowo Subianto, and the Indonesian people will never be tired of fighting to enforce truth and justice. I am asking all of you my brothers and sisters to continue to fight until the last drop of your blood, to maintain the sovereignty of the people,” he stated with the takbir.

Sandi also accompanied Prabowo in the press conference held in response to the announcement of the Election Commission (Komisi Pemilihan Umum – “KPU”)’s announcement, which was made in early morning on Tuesday (21/05/2019) at 01.46 WIB. Sandi stated that the struggle is not over yet. “The struggle is not over yet. I shall always fight alongside Pak Prabowo Subianto to the last drop of my blood for the maturity of democracy in this country, and for the establishment of a fair and honest democratic system,” he stated on his Facebook fanpage @SandiagaSUno

Sandi reiterates that his decision to take part in the political contest with Prabowo Subianto is not to seek power. “There is no intention whatsoever from us to turn this political contest into a search for power, because power only belongs to Allah. We are here to fight for the Indonesian people’s great hope, i.e. for a better economy and for a government that supports its own people,” he said.

He also stated that change should not be considered a threat. Criticizing something for the better should not be considered as a conspiracy. Advanced nations always give space for difference of opinion, innovations, and criticism. “In the future, we will prioritize democracy with collaboration, because these young people are much more mature, they can manage the difference of opinion into something collaborative,” he said. (Dan)

6 people have died in the ‘May 22’ movement

'22 May' people movement in front of Bawaslu building, Jakarta. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO – Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan said that 6 people had died in the ‘May 22’ people movement that took place around front of Bawaslu building. The action that took place from last night to this early morning around Thamrin, Central Jakarta was aimed at protesting the final results of the KPU in the 2019 election in protesting the final results of the 2019 Election.

“There were six people who died,” said Anies after seeing the condition of the victim at Tarakan Hospital, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (5/22/2019).

Of the six victims, each body was taken to Tarakan Hospital, Budi Kemuliaan Hospital, RSCM, Pelni Hospital and Mintoharjo Naval Hospital.

Anies also said that in addition to the victims who died, there were 200 people who were injured.

Anies made sure the medical staffs would be on standby 24 hours to handle the victims.

“The medical team using ambulances who were standby in Tanah Abang,” said Anies.

Anies said that he also mobilized Public Order Enforcer officers into backing up the medical team. However, he did not mention the number of personnel that standby at the riot area. (dsy)

SBY: History will remember Prabowo Subianto as a constitutionalist

Prabowo Subianto with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono). (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Democratic Party Chairperson, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) has praised presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto in taking constitutional action due to the final results of the 2019 Presidential Election. This was conveyed by SBY in a video that was uploaded on DemocratTV Youtube channel on Wednesday morning (5/22/2019).

“Pak Prabowo, whatever the results of the Constitutional Court later, history will record you as a constitutionalist and someone who respects the legal system, also a champion of democracy, a legacy that will be remembered beautifully by future generations,” said SBY.

SBY was also pleased because Prabowo called on his supporters to maintain security and public order, and in expressing his opinion in public it was still carried out peacefully, morally, and constitutionally.

SBY hopes the situation will continue to be conducive. “I pray to God, God the Almighty, hopefully a secure and orderly situation can be maintained for people who want to express their opinions, including protests, are still allowed and guaranteed by the state,” SBY said.

“The key is that any protest can be carried out in a responsible, orderly and peaceful manner,” said the sixth president Republic of Indonesia. (dsy)


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