ABM Group runs crane operator training program in Meulaboh

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Coal commodity prices continue to rise, in line with brighter prospects for world economic recovery. To compete, it takes the ability and skills of qualified human resources (HR) in lifting equipment, so that productivity can continue to be improved. Realizing this, ABM, through subsidiaries PT Dianta Daya Embara (DDE) and PT Mifa Bersaudara (Mifa) organized a Crane Lifting Equipment Operator Training Program in Meulaboh to support capacity-building and youth empowerment, especially in the West Aceh region.

Adrian Erlangga, Director of ABM, explained that this training program was a form of ABM’s consistency in strengthening the company’s Mining Value Chain strategy. “The coal mining industry is an industrial sector that has a big role in supporting national development. We hope that this training can optimize the synergy among the subsidiaries in the ABM Group and make more positive contributions to the communities around ABM’s operational areas,” explained Adrian.

This program is an initiative of DDE and Mifa, motivated by the company’s ongoing commitment to support the development and availability of human resources in the crane lifting equipment. Ricky Nelson, President Director of Mifa, explained that the role of crane lifting equipment operators is very important in the coal mining process. “At least the operator of lifting equipment must fulfill three aspects, the critical position of loading and unloading speed of coal and property damage, adequate skills or special expertise, lastly, understand and can apply aspects of Health, Safety, Work & Environment (K3LH),” explained Ricky.

The training model implemented in the crane operator development program this time has been adjusted to the Operator Permit (SIO) certification requirements from the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, which includes a series of class materials, theoretical exams, and hands-on practice in the field.

Satrio Daru Sasongko, Director of DDE, said that this operator training will be carried out continuously with the hope that the results can produce quality human resources who have the best skills in their fields. “The implementation of this training program is carried out in various stages, starting from selection, observing the work area in the vessel, to implementing the DDE Stevedoring training and internship model,” said Satrio.

ABM exists as an integrated energy company that manages a synergistic mining business ecosystem. “In line with the company’s values, namely sustainable development, ABM continues to strive to provide added value wherever we operate,” concluded Adrian.