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A weekend of chic pleasure in Kemang


IO, Jakarta – To enjoy your weekend in Jakarta, why not try something different here in Kemang, South Jakarta? As a hotel that collates art, culture, and fashion in its architecture, Hotel Monopoli is a fun and distinct boutique hotel that provides accommodation, restaurant, and both rooftop bar and basement club.

The hotel, with its classic European exterior and modern retro interior, was inaugurated on 15 December 2017. It has two most notable dining spaces: The Room and the Moon.

The Room, which is the restaurant located at Hotel Monopoli’s lobby, is a modern eclectic establishment that serves both Eastern dishes like sukiyaki and dry ramen, and Western ones like burger and melted hot chocolate. With its concept of ‘smart luxury’ and its excellent service, The Room is an exceptional restaurant worthy of your patronage that you can bring both your family and your business contacts to.

The restaurant’s main dining room area has a modern vibe with its semi-open kitchen nicely visible in it. The Room’s signature dish is the ‘Monopoli Cheeseburger’, a robust beef burger-and-melted cheese combo. If this sounds too heavy for you, The Room also serves other delights such as barramundi and pan-seared salmon, as well as local Indonesian dishes such as bubur ayam (chicken porridge), gado-gado (mixed fresh steamed vegetables with peanut sauce), fried rice, and even the Balinese chicken betutu.

The restaurant is open all day and welcomes you any time. The Room has a sassy, bright energy that can infect you in the most positive way possible. There is a juice bar in the middle of the room, where you can get a variety of freshly squeezed juice to start your day, as well as a coffee bar that offers freshly brewed coffee made of the highest quality beans to complement your breakfast. Yes, tea is also available – as well as desserts.

A complementary contrast to The Room is The Moon, the poolside bar situated on the roof of Hotel Monopoli. The Moon opens to the public at 5 p.m. Its soothing combination of pool view and city view provides you with a getaway from the exhaustion of your daily fast-pace life in the city. The Moon allows you to lounge by the pool, enjoying the unlimited vision of the sky, punctuated with the silhouette of the city’s skyscrapers and the glitter of both natural and artificial starts.

Hotel Monopoli’s interior is modern and edgy, with the softening influence of fresh green indoor plants that make you want to linger. Under the auspices of Syah Establishment, the cutting edge hospitality and entertainment group led by Felly Imransyah, Hotel Monopoli showcases Syah Establishment’s trademark of serious fun in both its hotel and restaurant design.

The eye-catching façade and interior and the out-of-the-box naming, the classy modern vintage atmosphere and sensation that are different for each Syah Establishment spot, all show Felly Imransyah’s vision of  what the Syah Establishment ‘vibe’ is about.

As the space providing one stop shopping for its visitors, we recommend Hotel Monopoli for you who want to spend the weekend enjoying the cool bustle of South Jakarta in Kemang.

(Muhammad Akbar)


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