A “very pretty” new species of millipede is named after Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift. (Source: @taylorswift)

Jakarta, IO – A unique news comes from the world of science. Derek Hennen, a US-based biologist recently discovered a new species of millipede and named it Nannaria swiftae, after Taylor Swift.

Hennen, who published his findings and research in the Zookeys Journal, is reportedly a big fan of the world-famous singer and song writer, Liputan6 reported on Monday (9/5).

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Nannaria swiftae itself means Swift crooked clawed millipede. Hennen said the new species of millipede is “very pretty” with a brown body and reddish-orange dots on its side.

Hennen, the journal’s lead author, declared himself a fan of Taylor Swift and wanted to dedicate his findings to the star.