A Vanuatuan deported for using Indonesian friend’s ID card to fight in MMA

Yordan-Hilapok - source Dirjen Imigrasi
Yordan Hilapok. (Source: Immigration Directorate General)

“From the results of our examination, Maelao Kalworai entered Indonesia using a valid visa and had a valid residence permit, but he carried out activities that violated prevailing laws and regulations,” said the Immigration Office’s supervision and enforcement director I Nyoman Gede Surya Mataram.

Maelao was charged with Article 75 (1) of Law 6/2011 on immigration because he was deemed to have carried out dangerous activities and was reasonably suspected of endangering security and public order or not respecting or disobeying the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.

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He was subject to immigration administrative actions in the form of deportation and his name was blacklisted in the immigration database. Maelao was repatriated on a Qantas flight QF42 on Monday (22/8) departing at 20.10 WIB. (un)