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A university in NTT allows students to pay tuition fees with cssh produce


Jakarta, IO – This policy was made by the Muhammadiyah University of Maumere, Sikka regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). “Students can pay using bananas, coconuts, dried fish, sarongs, woven shawls, even red stones,” said the rector Erwin Prasetyo, per Detikcom, Wed (29/5).

Erwin said this step was taken to make it easier for Sikka residents to get access to education.  Additionally, the university wants to make higher education accessible to all.

Erwin said that the university is abiding by the mandate of the 1945 Constitution to help educate the nation’s sons and daughters and to serve the underprivileged.

Erwin said the policy started in 2018 when a female student could not take the final semester exam because she was in arrears on tuition fees. The university later learned that while the student had no money, she had agricultural produce like bananas and coconuts.

Erwin revealed that there were also students who experienced the same difficulty. The university then allowed them to bring the crops to school and sell them to the lecturers, staff, and other potential buyers facilitated by the university.

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“The problem is that they have produce at home, but the market is quite far,” he explained. The tuition payment scheme allows them to pay in three installments. The university also gives them leniency, for example, the installments for a four-year course can be paid in six years.

“That’s Rp300,000 per month. This way they can afford it,” he said. The university is currently managing micro, small and mid-sized enterprises (MSMEs) which are staffed by the students. It is hoped that this will help instill in them entrepreneurial spirit so they can one day contribute to the local community. (un)


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