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A tuna weighing 212kg sells for Rp4.2b in Japan


Jakarta, IO – This year a tuna weighing 212 kilograms was sold for Rp4.2 billion at a fish auction in Toyosu fish market, Japan, reported Japan Today, Friday (6/1). The bluefin tuna was caught at the sea of Oma, Aomori Prefecture.

The sale of this fish is carried out periodically via an auction due to high demand. Chefs and sushi restaurant owners engaged in high-priced bidding wars to have their hand on the tuna because of its top-notch quality.

This bluefin tuna was successfully bought by medium-sized wholesale fish traders in Tokyo, Yamayuki and the company that owns Sushi restaurant Ginza Onodera. Yamayuki president Yukitaka Yamaguchi commented that the bluefin tuna he got was the best so far.

“I want to make some positive news because (the impact of) the coronavirus pandemic is gradually subsiding. The price is right for the first sale of the season,” said Yamaguchi. The price is significantly higher than last year’s auction where the fish only sold for around Rp1.9 billion.

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Akifumi Sakagami, head chef of Ginza Onodera said: “I want to thank those who delivered this amazing tuna. People who eat it will surely be satisfied.” In 2019, a bluefin tuna weighing 278kg was sold for Rp43 billion at the same market.

Tokyo’s Toyosu Market is one of the biggest fish markets in the world and is well known for its lively tuna auctions. (rr)


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