A trend in Gombong: from radio station to coffee shop

Rooftop on the 3rd floor is usually used to hold ‘nobar’ events with a capacity of approximately 200 people. In the evening, visitors can enjoy the beautiful night atmosphere of the city of Gombong because Radio Kopi is the tallest building in the city. (Photo: Pramitha Hendra)

IO – Located in downtown Gombong, Central Java, Radio Kopi is a cafe with a different concept from cafes in general. With a vintage concept, this cafe is filled with unique displays, such as old radios, several coffee makers, to VW safari cars, making this cafe “Instagram-able”. With comfortable chairs, Radio Kopi is a favorite hangout place for the people of Gombong. In addition, many visitors come from other cities because of its location on the edge of a major road, which is usually traversed when traveling to Central Java or East Java. 

Before Radio Kopi was established, the location was Suara Karang Bolong (SKB) radio station, which had hits in the 1980s. Finally, at the end of March 2019, it was turned into a cafe for Gombong people who wanted to gather. So, because this place used to be a radio station, a cafe was built with a concept not far from the radio. 

Radio Kopi was designed from a container, and with a wall filled with decorations of unique paintings such as natural scenery typical of Indonesia, there is also a room where the walls are filled with writing of the word “coffee” in many languages. Radio Kopi is built on three floors: the first floor is designed for guests who bring families; there are air-conditioned family rooms and prayer rooms. 

Then on the second floor, there is a glass room with a coffee roaster able to roast 6 kg of coffee, which makes it the largest coffee roaster in Gombong. There is also a live music stage; live music is usually performed from Friday to Sunday. 

Then the third floor is a smoking area with an outdoor concept, and is commonly used for nobar (watching events together on a TV screen, usually soccer matches) with a capacity of approximately 200 people. With these specifications, Radio Kopi is an appropriate place to enjoy views of Gombong, because so far, Kopi Radio is the tallest building in the city. 

The menu offered by this cafe is quite diverse, with a concept of “non-alcoholic”; Radio Kopi offers a variety of coffees that can be chosen, either espresso-based or manual brew, but for those who don’t like coffee, non-coffee drinks such as red velvet latte are also available, taro latte, various kinds of fresh juice and also fresh-scented tea. 

For food, there are various kinds of typical archipelago foods such as rawon, chicken crèmes, various kinds of fried rice and fried noodles, also available Chinese food such as chicken salted eggs, as well as various types of pasta-processed foods such as carbonara and Bolognese. Besides, there are also typical Indonesian snacks such as tofu cocol, tempeh mendoan, roasted and fried banana. 

Although Radio Kopi is in a fairly luxurious building, the prices of food and drinks in this cafe are quite affordable. Manual brew coffees such as V60, French press, and Vietnamese drip can be enjoyed for IDR 10,000, while espresso-based coffee can be purchased for IDR 10,000- 20,000, making this cafe highly recommended for all walks of life, both families and students. 

Radio Kopi provides some of the best Indonesian coffee for coffee enthusiasts, such as Aceh Gayo, Kerinci Honey, Mandailing to Toraja, which visitors can choose for themselves according to their tastes. Operational hours: Radio Kopi is open every day starting at 08.00-23.00 during weekdays, and 08.00-24.00 on weekends. (Pramitha Hendra)