A sensational gastronomic journey at OSO Ristorante

The Spaghetti Lobster is served with cherry tomatoes and a bisque. The dish has perfectly-cooked pasta, with a sauce ideal for seafood lovers. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO – Jakarta is a paradise for culinary connoisseurs, from legendary roadside cuisine to fancy restaurants with michelin chefs in the city. A variety of food choices from new restaurants to eating places that have been established for years can also be visited to pamper yourself to enjoy delicious food. One of them is OSO Ristorante, which is the latest concept from Gaia by Oso Ristorante. Located on floor 46 of The Plaza, Central Jakarta, this restaurant carries the concept of typical Italian food. Before opening outlets in Jakarta, Oso Ristorante already had an outlet in Singapore. Oso Ristorante is a restaurant managed by Chef Diego Chiarini and Stephane Colleoni. This restaurant offers a variety of authentic and also contemporary Italian dishes with the concept of fine dining. In Jakarta alone, Oso Ristorante is fronted by the cold hands of Chef Nazario Orlando as his Executive Chef.

For those of you who are planning a romantic dinner or giving a surprise for a couple on birthdays or celebrating Valentine’s Day, an Italian restaurant, can be your choice. When I visited this restaurant, I was amazed by the beautiful view from the 46th floor. The entire skyscraper seemed to be clearly visible from this restaurant. Unfortunately, at that time I visited during the day if I would have come at night, the scene would have been more beautiful as it will be filled with the bright lights that illuminate the city at night.

The interiors of this restaurant is made with a touch of classic, elegant, and whimsical. The coolest spot is a high and large window seat. So that you and your partner can enjoy the beauty of Jakarta from the height of the 46th floor. In order to get this spot on a special day with your partner, you should make a reservation with the Gaia Restaurant by Oso Ristorante. I like the use of added crystal lamps and soft colored furniture. It feels like being in a classic and modern atmosphere is combined into one at the same time. The layout is very beautiful! We can also see the HI roundabout view directly from the window. In addition, at OSO Ristorante it also has a private room that can be occupied by up to 10 people.

The menu presented is authentic Italian with more choices of specific pastas such as Gluten free, substitute for wheat, and mixed directly by the chef, Nazario Orlando who also comes from Italy. For starters, I got a complement of two kinds of menus, namely bread with soft butter and a cup of Truffle Mushroom Soup, which smells appetizing. It’s not complete if you don’t eat pizza at an Italian restaurant. This time I served Pizza Carbonara which can be chosen using pork or beef. This thin pizza with flavorful toppings is a recommended menu for pizza fans. Other food menus are Lobster Spaghetti served with ingredients such as Lobster, cherry tomatoes, bisque. If you are a seafood fan, don’t forget to taste this Lobster Spaghetti. The texture of the paste is right and also seasoned well. Of course my concern is the lobster. The taste of the meat feels fresh and sweet. A combination of cherry tomatoes adds to the fresh sour taste in this dish. Oh yeah, the pasta is cooked slightly spicy, so maybe if you don’t like spicy food, you can request a non spicy menu.

As an Italian restaurant that serves special food menu with beautiful views, you can visit OSO Ristorante as a restaurant that I recommend for those of you who want to have a special dinner with your spouse or family. (Aldo)