A place where quality meets value

Kalbi Sampleris one of the favorite menu in Waki Japanese BBQ, one portion of this menu contains a combination of Kalbi, Iyo Kalbi, Ippon Kalbi and assorted vegetables that can be enjoyed from 1 to 2 people. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Where do you want to be this weekend? Maybe you want to spend time on weekends with friends and family, but you haven’t found the place? There are many things you can do to enjoy the weekend with the people closest to you, one of which is to eat the pleasure of various food menus together. Not just dining, ambiance restaurants has also become a consideration to feel warmth and togetherness while enjoying the food you like, especially if you do have a moment to celebrate this weekend. If you are a lover of BBQ dishes from Japan, then, you should try the pleasures of various grilled meat dishes at Waki ​​Japanese BBQ located in Thamrin area, Central Jakarta.

The first time you enter, you will be welcomed with a comfortable and neat interior design with wooden accents and Japanese-themed mural images that calm your heart and eyes. When ordering meat, Wagyu beef is a menu that should not be missed at this restaurant. When it comes to yakiniku restaurants or Japanese-style BBQs, I think that many of you can easily agree that most restaurants in Jakarta are quite intimidating in terms of price. To answer these needs, I would like to recommend you something new to be able to enjoy a variety of more affordable Japanese BBQ menus with high-quality meat, namely Waki ​​Japanese BBQ.

As the name implies, Japanese BBQ is their specialty, so you can find a variety of variations from normal to premium pieces, besides the menu that is served complete starting from the appetizer menu, soup, rice, noodles, rice bowl, until dessert. While I was there I sampled various dishes including, Kalbi Sampler which can be enjoyed by 1 to 2 people with a combination of Kalbi, Iyo Kalbi, Ippon Kalbi and assorted vegetables. Besides that, I also chose the 10 second sirloin steak menu with egg yolk as a companion.

First impression, plating on point! How they put all the ingredients together in an appetizing way. First, thinly sliced ​​meat, baked to perfection, is very soft with an amazing texture. The quality of the meat used is very high quality and of course fresh so that the quality is guaranteed to be served to all visitors. Not only the freshness of the meat, various vegetables that are served are also maintained quality.

If you want more practical dishes, you can choose the rice bowl menu for you to enjoy. For the service provided by Waki ​​Japanese BBQ I am quite impressed and on each table it is also equipped with Exhaust (vacuum smoke) to prevent the dining room full of smoke grills that can disturb you when enjoying a meal. If you are BBQ lovers from Japan you have to visit Waki ​​Japanese BBQ this weekend. (Aldo)