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A hidden gem with a relaxed Bogor atmosphere


IO – Weekends feel empty if not spent with interesting events such as going for a culinary tour with family to the city of Bogor. The location is close to Jakarta, which makes Bogor the right choice to visit and unwind for a moment from the daily bustle from the capital city. The city of Bogor has the privilege of cool air with a variety of culinary treats that are no less tempting to make this region the right location to make your visit more memorable, especially for you who like to find interesting culinary dishes and yet have never even tried them before. The city of Bogor has a variety of food menus and also restaurants with green natural atmosphere that should be visited, one of which is in the restaurant of The Lake House Bogor. The Lake House Bogor, is a restaurant in Pesona Alam Resort Puncak Bogor which is visited by many residents around Bogor, and even Jakarta.

This restaurant is unique since it’s located between a pine forest, Pesona Alam Resort and Puncak, Bogor. Consisting of three floors, the restaurant has two areas, both indoor and outdoor. However, the outdoor location seems to be the favorite place, because visitors will directly feel the cool air in the middle of Bogor pine forest, with a seat in the middle of a water pool. Carrying a unique concept, this restaurant uses a blend of rustic and Scandinavian in its interior design, the shades of red brick are very thick on each wall of this restaurant. For the food and drink menu that they serve, in my opinion it is very well-presented for visitors, both for children and parents. With an Asian and Western food theme, the favorite menus that can be enjoyed include pasta, pizza, till an authentic Indonesian food can be tried at this restaurant. With red brick walls decorating buildings, and outdoor areas along with mini lakes that make us feel back to nature.

Marketing Communication Director of Pesona Alam Resort Delia Oktaviani said that the restaurants opened in April 2018. She continued that the place is also welcoming for the public not only for hotel or villa Pesona Alam guests. Delia explained that the Lake House restaurant on average serves western (western)-style food but also provides Asian or local food.

The location of The Lake House, Pesona Alam Seday which is only an hour from Jakarta, passes the Jagorawi toll road to Puncak, thru the Megamendung-Ciawi Highway which can be reached by private vehicle. Certainly with a variety of natural scenery along the way will not make you and your family get bored. You could say, in the area of ​​enchantment, Nature itself is perfect for you to visit with family, since they also offer an inn if you want to spend a night there. It seems all visitors’ needs are fully accommodated, not only restaurants; they also provide accommodation for those who want to feel more of an unusual natural atmosphere. Usually city people only get a view of the city with a lot of smoke pollution from motor vehicles and towering buildings. Here, as far as the eye can see, you will be offered a view of foliage and green trees, if you are lucky enough the mist will welcome you at The Lake House Enchanting Nature. (Aldo)


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