A healthy diet, relishing a bowl of smoothies

A bowl of smoothies in Nalu Bowls is a healthy food menu that suits you trying to change a healthy lifestyle. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Pursuing healthy be­haviour has become part of the life­style for citizens living in big cities. Avoiding meat, hence preferring to eat vegetables and fruits, is current among some people. This healthy lifestyle, according to research, can extend the span of age in general and also for most women is one of the beneficial ways to prevent aging.

As one of the pioneer cafes that provide smoothies healthy food menu, Nalu Bowls, from Seminyak, Bali finally opened its first branch in the capital city of Jakarta and chose Kemang, South Jakarta as its initial locale. Why Kemang? Because in this area there are many expatriates who live and organize particular events. Launched in 2017, the Nalu Bowls outlet in Jakarta presents a popular bowl of smoothies for health-con­scious customers.

Outlets in Jakarta retain some identity from their origin in Bali with a thatch style of beach cottages, with a straw roof for the pantry as well as for the outdoor seating in front; it delivers an original atmosphere like the main store in Bali. Dominated by splendid interior colours and bright white walls, every seat on the first floor is also decorated with beach-re­lated details, thus creating a very comfortable atmosphere.

Nalu Bowls Jakarta is located on Jalan Kemang Timur, and is open daily from 7 am to 6.30 pm. As for the menu, there are 6 types of favou­rite smoothie bowls, at prices ranging from IDR 60,000 to IDR 85,000, all filled with the granola and bananas, along with homemade topping. Vari­ous extra toppings are available such as honey, goji berries, almonds, ca­shew nuts, mangoes, bananas and so forth, at prices starting from IDR 3,000 to IDR 10,000.

This dish contains papaya, man­go, dragon fruit, pineapple, strawber­ry, and apple juice. Filled with grano­la and bananas, this smoothie bowl has a combination of natural ingre­dients and thus results in a perfect and fresh taste.

It contains dragon fruit, bananas, papaya, raspberries, and apple juice. Compared to Macaroni, Uluwatu has a thicker texture. Smoothie bowls are filled with bananas, mangoes, straw­berries, homemade granola, and honey, and for that reason, Uluwatu is the second best-selling menu after Maverick.

Here it is, the best-selling smooth­ie bowl in the store, featuring a se­cret recipe of acai berries, bananas, strawberries, coconuts, honey, all sprinkled with granola. Among all the smoothie bowls option, this is the sweetest one, full of a strong honey scent.

The privilege of visiting this place with friends is that you can order and try out various dishes at once. Overall, we are happy to finally have an authentic spot for healthy and delicious smoothies in town.

As one of the regular customers, a university student reveals the change in her healthy life as it impacts her daily activities.

‘Almost two years ago I changed my diet by becoming a vegetarian. I am also probably a regular custom­er at Nalu Bowls. Being vegetarian is very interesting for me because my body feels healthier by not eating meat any longer,’ said Nania, one of Nalu Bowls’ loyal followers.

If you ever decide to try a health­ier lifestyle, Nalu Bowls can be one of the places which the Independent Observer recommends as a source of healthier sustenance for your body.