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A cultural attraction to commemorate Yogyakarta Government’s 77th Anniversary


Jakarta, IO – The Yogyakarta City Government commemorated its 77th anniversary on June 7, 2024. A number of events in a festival, themed “Rikat, Rakit, Raket,” aimed to create solidarity among all Yogyakarta City Government employees while also fostering a sense of community.

A cultural attraction at Embung Giwangan Cultural Park (Taman Budaya Embung Giwangan-TBEG) was one of the highlights of the Anniversary Reception Night. This attraction not only commemorated the city’s anniversary, but also promoted the Embung Giwangan Cultural Park as an icon of culture in Yogyakarta. The dance drama “Sang Pangaribawa” was an expression and embodiment of the theme “Rikat, Rakit, Raket” during Yogyakarta’s historical journey, attributed to the exceptional leadership of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX.

The theme “Rikat, Rakit, Raket” adopted for the Yogyakarta City Anniversary, holds profound meanings. “Rikat” depicts the dynamic and fast-paced life of the Yogyakarta community. “Rakit” signifies the process of complementing and perfecting one another, while “Raket” reflects the spirit of mutual support and togetherness. This philosophy serves as a prayer and hope for all citizens seeking to make Yogyakarta a better place. This attraction is open to the public, allowing them to watch it on TBEG’s open stage.

Embung Giwangan Cultural Park
Yetti Martanti, S. Sos, MM., the head of the Yogyakarta City Culture Office. (Source: Special)

TBEG was chosen as the location for these cultural attractions, because one of the Yogyakarta City Government’s priority directions and developments is to establish TBEG as a community center for arts and cultural activities, as well as an economic driver in Yogyakarta City’s southern area. The City Government’s aspirations to develop TBEG seem to meet the community’s enthusiasm, as despite not being officially opened, the TBEG has hosted various cultural events such as cultural attractions, festivals, art exhibitions, and competitions. The public has also benefited from the park for various social activities, including sports, training, and discussions.

This captivating cultural attraction is expected to serve as a strategic promotional event for TBEG, exploiting its potential for the community, eventually featuring attractive programs and contents at TBEG. This attraction will also introduce the community to interactive cultural education programs, such as Harmoni Embung Giwangan and Jemparingan.

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In terms of area development, the Yogyakarta City Government plans to construct the Graha Budaya (Cultural Office) this year, which will serve as a space for cultural performance as well as an appropriate indoor exhibition space.

Yetti Martanti, S. Sos, MM., the head of the Yogyakarta City Culture Office and the manager of TBEG, stated that they will continue to work for the best possible use of this cultural park for the community, particularly to preserve and advance Yogyakarta’s culture. The Graha Budaya will continue to collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve these objectives. (des)


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