Wednesday, April 10, 2024 | 23:57 WIB

A “Champion of electricity”

Dahlan Iskan Former Minister of State-Owned Enterprise

I remember that name so well. The name relates to the time when the turbine in one of the power plants in Belawan, Medan, broke down. Medan was having an electricity crisis, as the generator was also down. Siemens, a German company, was involved in repairing the generators. Most likely, the turbine had to be shipped to Germany and repaired there. So upsetting. 

PLN employs the top graduates from all of Indonesia’s best universities. Hundreds of PLN employees have pursued further education overseas. Why can’t they even fix the turbines themselves? 

I then sought out those who specialize in turbines. Who can repair Belawan? Apparently, there was only one person. The young and only Teguh Widjajanto. 

I had never met young Teguh in person, even to the point when I no longer work for PLN, or have I? Even if I had, I would have remembered the name. He is a hero in Belawan. 

Teguh is now the Managing Director of PJBS, I recently learned. His office is located in Surabaya, too. I would love to meet him one day. Of course, on a fine day. 

The next question is: which company runs the non-renewable power plant best? Indonesian women should be proud of the winner: Dewi Kam, the owner of PT Sumber Segara Primadaya (S2P). She is the woman behind the company’s success. Apart from being the richest and best at running her business, she is also kindhearted and a hard worker. Bloomberg recently ranked Dewi as the richest woman in Indonesia. 

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Through her company, S2P, Dewi owns the most sophisticated 1,000- MW power plant and also still owns another 600-MW unit and several 300-MW units. All of Dewi’s generators are very efficient at producing energy. PJBS runs some parts of the O&M. 

Dewi is such a great woman, a rare diamond in the electricity business. Men like me should highly respect women like her.