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Facemask He said, he was one foot again, stepping on Li Mengde s palm, squeaking and breaking his hand bones.Ah, Li Mengde screamed. No more recruits, Grandpa I dug your dog s eyes, Fang said with anger.At this time, the outside of the city continued to ring loudly Facemask and loudly, shaking Facemask everyone s body and mind.Under the attack of the tens of thousands of demons, the big guards kept vibrating and felt like they were about to break.Zhao Yunlong and others have quickly shot Facemask to help with the attack of the Facemask Yaozu, which has slightly reduced the pressure on the big city.You think that you have won haha. Facemask This Huocheng City s moat can t resist the tens of Facemask Facemask thousands of demon attacks.There will be a moment when t. he big squad will be broken.At that time, you can only be buried with me. Li Mengde laughed wildly.It s up. Once again, Li Mengde smugly looked at Fang Wei and others, and wanted to appreciate the desperate expression they showed.However, to his disappointment, Fang Hao not only did not have despair, but they all showed a face of inexplicable ease.Even Fang Fang grinned at him and made his heart suddenly show a bad feeling.Fang Hao and others are certa

inly not afraid. p100 disposable dust mask Facemask There is Ye Han, the master of this array, here, but also need to Facemask be afraid of the big battle being broken.Don t die with you, Fang hello kitty anti dust mask said, You don t think it s so easy cool dust mask mask shop nyc to die.Fang Wei said that one foot on his other hand, no suspense, Li Mengde s other hand was Facemask also abolished in a squeaky sound, and a scream.Ah, Fang Wei, you all have to die, all of you have to die, haha.Li Mengde was laughing like crazy. Fang Yi punched him in his mouth, and his mouth was almost broken.For a time, blood ran out of his mouth. Facemask Well, Fang Wei, don t kill him.Xiao Chen finally stopped, and then Facemask he looked at Ye Han, and said Ye brother, this time you are bothering to shoot, otherwise this Tiger City will probably fall.Yeah, Ye Daren, Facemask please take a shot, or the demon people will be in trouble when they run in.Fang Yi also grinnedObviously he just taught Li Mengde that he had a very happy lesson.Ye Han smiled Facemask lightly, and several arrays appeared in the 3m 6800 face mask palm of his hand.When I saw this battle, Li Mengde felt bad. Facemask My heart said It s hard to be a teenager.But immediately he was relieved, because he felt how old this boy is, he is already powerful and o


utrageous, and how much time can he invest in learning the odds, even if it is really a Facemask bit of a battle, it s Facemask not going to be great.At the time when his mind had just emerged such a thought, Ye Hanxian shot the array in his hands all over the city, and then he suddenly appeared in his hands with a golden pattern.I saw his hand wave, the Facemask golden pattern flew to the big city, surrounded by the array, so that the array was instantly integrated into it.After the formation and the golden plaids were merged into the big array, the big rug of the moat suddenly evoked the glory of Huaguang.The next Facemask moment, the whole big array was Facemask quiet, no longer shaking and shaking, it became a solid soup.How is this possible Li Mengde stared at Ye Han incredulously.He had already guessed that Ye Han was not simple, but Ye Han was not only a horror but also a master.At this moment, he finally began to feel afraid, he is not afraid of death.However, before he felt that even if th. e Tiger City was broken, he would still have a chance to escape, but now these vitalities are completely broken.Huxiaocheng seems to be unable to break in a short time, and his Facemask fate is compl

etely controlled by Ye Han and others.Also at this time, outside the city, a demon king discovered home depot respirator 3m the Facemask changes in the big city, Facemask and even rushed Facemask himself up, attacking the lice treatment nj big onefit n95 respirator mask box of 20onefit n95 respirator mask array.Li Mengde looked at him with anticipation and looked forward to his ability to break the big line and give him a chance.however boom Only heard a loud noise, Facemask how to get a respirator fit test the demon king flew out faster than he rushed up, and Facemask the volley became bloody.Not only did Facemask he not break the defensive array, but he was also shocked by the power of a large array of earthquakes.Seeing this scene, Li Mengde finally no one else. He Facemask yelled at Xiao Chen The temple, Your Highness, all this is a misunderstanding.It s a pity that Xiao Chen just smiled coldly and said, Yes, then let s talk back, let s talk about n95 respirator dusk mask it, how is this a misunderstanding Chapter Facemask 587 Escape, flee Outside the Tiger City, tens of thousands of monsters rushed to attack.However, they just encountered a large array, and immedia