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6 river tourism destinations in Indonesia


Jakarta, IO – If you are thinking of going anti-mainstream, river tourism is one of the more popular options. Not only relaxing and calming, currently there are many river tourism destinations in Indonesia that offer special activity, such as white-water rafting.

The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry on Friday (26/8) recommends these six river tourism destinations:

Mahakam River

As the second longest river in Indonesia, Mahakam River in East Kalimantan offers a pleasant and exotic river holiday experience. This 920-km-long river is home to rare freshwater dolphins, popularly known as the Mahakam Pesut. In addition, tourists will encounter king prawns, hornbills, storks, langurs, and beavers.

Asahan River

The Asahan River is one of the prime tourist destinations in North Sumatra. Not only popular with local tourists, global white water rafting fans also flock to here because it is renowned as the third best rafting site in the world. For you who are still beginners, don’t worry because the Asahan River has several spots and levels of rapids to choose from. Plus, you will be treated to views of beautiful cliffs and waterfalls.

Maron River

Maron River is one of the most visited river tourism destinations in Indonesia. Located in Pacitan, East Java, it offers views and an atmosphere similar to that of the Amazon River. Even though you have to go through a fairly uphill and steep terrain, you can be sure that it will pay off because you will be greeted with a view of the bluish-green Maron River water, and surrounded by beautiful shady trees.


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