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5-yo boy pulled from earthquake rubble alive after 3 days


Jakarta, IO – Azka Maulana Malik, 5, was found in the ruins of his house in Nabrak village, Cianjur. He was buried for three days and two nights after a magnitude-5.6 quake caused his house to collapse on Monday (21/11).

According to his father Muhammad Eka, 38, Azka, his mother, and his grandmother were at home when the strong earthquake hit. Muhammad himself was at Bandung with Azka’s sister when it happened, reported VoA Indonesia, Thursday (24/11).

Azka is the only survivor. When his mother and grandmother were found dead on Tuesday (22/11), Azka was nowhere to be found. Muhammad and local rescue workers keep digging and finally found him trapped beneath a collapsed ceiling.

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“There were no cries or voices asking for help, so we didn’t know where he was,” said Police 2nd Brigadier Muhammad Farid, who joined the search and rescue team. He said Azka was found in a dehydrated condition and is now being intensively treated at Sayang Hospital, Cianjur. (un)


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