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5 highly-recommended destinations in Cilacap for homecoming travelers


Jakarta, IO – Cilacap, a town in Central Java, is a perfect place to stop by for those who are making a trip back to their hometowns to celebrate Eid. Moreover, it has a number of interesting tourist destinations.

One can pull over for a while on the beach to relax while waiting for the sunset, even exploring the city for a culinary experience, reported Kompas, Thursday (13/4). Here are the top recommendations:

1. Fort Pendem

Previously, this fort was known as Kusbatterij op de Lantong te Tjilacap. Located on the edge of Cilacap Beach, it was a stronghold of the Dutch East Indies colonial government. It is called “pendem” because it is buried in the ground.

2. Widarapayung Beach

Another popular beach in Cilacap is Widarapayung Beach. Lined with coconut trees gives this.beach a cool and breezy atmosphere, a perfect place for a short stopover and let one’s hair down.

3. Cilacap Square

Alun-alun (town square) can be a choice for free tourist attractions. There, one can relax while enjoying the view of the fountain and try the various snacks sold by street vendors.

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4. Cilacap Grand Mosque

The Darussalam Grand Mosque of Cilacap was founded in 1776, so it is now more than two centuries old. It was founded by descendants or students of Sunan Kalijaga, namely Kiai Kali Husen and Kiai Kali Ibrahim. Although it has been renovated several times, its key features are maintained, one being the shape of the roof which at first glance looks like the Grand Mosque of Demak.

5. Kabubangkangkung Reservoir

Kubangkangkung Reservoir is the only reservoir in Cilacap located in Sokawera, Kubangkangkung, Kawunganten district. There are a number of rides for children to enjoy and unique Instagrammable photo spots. The beautiful scenery surrounded by teak forest is also perfect for relaxation. (at)


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