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4,614 Cases of Customs and Excises Office Impersonation Fraud Discovered: Watch for These Signs


Jakarta, IO – The Directorate General of Customs and Excises warns the public against online shopping scams that impersonate the Customs and Excises Office, especially in the current school holidays period ending in mid-July.

Customs and Excise Office spokesperson Encep Dudi Ginanjar said that cases of fraud, including those that impersonate the agency, have become more frequent when people are unaware, especially during school holidays. “The most frequent modus operandi scammers use is impersonating Customs and Excise Office using online shops,” he said, per Katadata, Mon (8/7). There were 4,614 complaints recorded in the past year, the most frequently being online shopping deliveries (50.3 percent) and gift deliveries (27.9 percent).

The perpetrators deliberately target people who shop online and expect deliveries, whether domestic or foreign. “There are several variations of the scam, including the scammers offering branded goods, casual courier services, black market goods, auctioned goods,” Encep explained.

Signs of possible fraud or scams include high fees, direct calls to the buyer’s personal numbers, intimidation and solicitation for payment, and the use of personal bank accounts. According to the Customs and Excise Office, any fees must be paid to the agency’s official account number. “So if anyone asks you to transfer fees on our behalf to a personal account, you can be certain that they’re a scammer,” Encep warns.

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Encep went on to provide some tips to avoid fraud using the Customs and Excise Office. First, beware if a person sends you goods that they claim to have come from a foreign country. Proactively check the status of your purchase at the page. Second, always confirm the truthfulness of any information provided to you through the Bravo Bea Cukai number 1500225 or official media channels. (bp)


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