44 ex-KPK employees accept offers to join Polri

Yudi Purnomo
Former KPK Union Head Yudi Purnomo. Photo: BERITAGARID

IO – Forty-four former employees of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) have decided to take up an offer to join the National Police (Polri) and have been given a competency test, Tuesday (12/7).

Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono, the Head of the Public Information Bureau of the National Police Public Relations Division, said that the competency test for the ex-KPK employees was held at the TNCC Building at the National Police HQ, South Jakarta.

Yudi Purnomo, the former KPK’s employees’ association chairman, said: “We will focus on the assignments. First, to monitor the use of COVID-19 relief funds.”

He said that the 44 employees will also be assigned to oversee the economic recovery fund, because there have not been any institutions that monitor national strategic projects.

Yudi stated that he is ready to take on the assignments. He, and the other former KPK employees, believes that the offer to join the National Police is an expression of trust that must be upheld.

“We are confident about our abilities in terms of joining the National Police. We are ready to supervise, of course with the systems and procedures that we will develop. The point is that, joining the Police is another call of duty,” he said.

The inauguration of the 44 former KPK employees is to be held next week. “After the inauguration, there will be an orientation session,” said the former KPK Director of Anti-Corruption Education and Campaign Giri Suprapdiono.

Giri said the orientation would present information about the National Police civil servants. “To know what civil servants are and the National Police as an organization. I think this will be a good warm-up because to contribute to this large institution, we will need sufficient information,” said Giri.

Fifty-four of the 57 former KPK employees who did not pass the civic knowledge test (TWK) participated in the familiarization of Police Regulation No. 15/ 2021 on Special Appointment of 57 Ex-KPK Employees, Monday (12/6).

Of the 54 attendees, 44 signed a letter expressing their willingness to be appointed as the National Police civil servants, including Novel Baswedan and Yudi Purnomo. Eight people declined, one person died, and four others have not responded.

Afterward, they took a competency test the result of which will inform the National Police HQ on where to place them within the organization according to their respective competency and in accordance with the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform’s recommendations. (eka)