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330 Unand students volunteer to defeat Covid-19


IO, Padang – The spread of the new Coronavirus that can lead to the dangerous Covid-19 condition has inspired many parties to pledge to work against it. One campaigning against transmission is Andalas University (Unand), Padang, West Sumatra. In the Thematic Work Study Program (KKN), 330 students of the Faculty of Medicine from the Medicine, Psychology, and Midwifery Education Study Program, as well as the Faculty of Nursing from Health Study Program, have volunteered to a KKN themed “Together Controlling Covid-19”, with inauguration on Limau Manis Campus, Padang, Monday (6/4/2020). 

The launch of the Thematic KKN was marked by the release of balloons and the installation of an alma mater jacket by Unand Rector Prof. Dr. Yuliandri, SH, MH, accompanied by the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Dr. dr. Rika Susanti, SpF, and witnessed by Deputy Rector I, Prof. Dr. Mnasyurdin, MS, and Deputy Rector III, Ir. Insannul Kamil, Ph.D. Also attending was the Director of Unand Hospital, Dr. dr. Yevri Zulfikar, Sp.B, Sp.U, and the Head of the KKN UPT, Dr. Ujang Khairul, MP. 

The students will be placed as volunteer auxiliaries in hospitals and laboratories for one month. Among their duties will be gathering and organizing a large information base about Covid-19, with the target of the whole community through social media. “They also volunteered at the Biomedical Laboratory to assist with administration and logistics,” said dr. Rika, as quoted by Public Relations Unand, Tuesday (04/07/2020). 

She added that students will also craft personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of masks, face shields and hazmat gear to meet the availability of PPE for medical staff in handling this Covid-19 cases. “One important thing: students will not deal directly with Covid-19 patients,” she said. 

Meanwhile, the Rector of Unand revealed that the KKN only applies to students in the health sector. This policy was taken to help local governments deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. “These student volunteers are deployed to carry out preventive programs through communication, information, and education of the public regarding Covid-19,” he said. 

He said, the more members of the public understand and understand the nature of the new Coronavirus, the more likely it is that they will be vigilant in helping avoid Covid-19 infection. (*/est) 


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