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32 monks walk from Thailand to Central Java as part of Buddhist ritual


Jakarta, IO – As part of the thudong ritual, 32 monks walk from Thailand on a spiritual journey to Borobudur Temple in Central Java. The ritual is also meant to celebrate the Vesak Day.

On the way, they stopped by at a number of monasteries. One of them is the Dharma Margahayu Buddhist Temple in the city of Bekasi, on Friday (12/5), reported Inews.

Pancaran Tridharma Foundation chairman Ronny Hermawan explained that the ritual has taken place continuously for hundreds of years. It was only temporarily discontinued during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also felt honored and privileged that the place he grew up was visited by monks.

“We are very happy and very proud and honored as part of the Buddhist community to receive a visit from the 32 monks from Thailand,” said Ronny.

During their stopover, the monks prayed and ate with the attending Buddhists. They then continued their journey toward Cikarang, Bekasi regency.

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The presence of the monks brought joy to the Buddhists who went on to provide the monks with basic necessities such as footwear and other supplies.

During the journey, the monks will be escorted by Laskar Agung Macan Ali Nusantara, a Muslim community from Cirebon. (un)


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