3 graduated, able to read back all the Al-Quran

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Ungaran – Three students of the IAPAT Foundation, Diponegoro University (Undip), graduated on Sunday (25/10/2020). This is the first time that the Istiqomah-Askar Kauny Foundation has graduated students who have memorized the Al-Quran. The three of them were not only able to memorize the Al-Quran but also have the ability to translate each verse, even being able to read entire verses backward. 

Chairman of the Graduation Committee Achmad Muchson stated the Istiqomah Foundation is under the Diponegoro University Semarang’s Applied Expert Education Alumni Association (IAPAT). The foundation collaborates with Askar Kauny in educating students so that they become hafidzah. “The three students who graduated studied for three years,” said Muchson. 

The graduation procession was held at Ma’had Istiqomah at Jln PTP Ngobo RT 01/RW01 Wringin Putih Village, Bergas District, Karangjati, Semarang Regency. The graduation procession can also be followed through the Zoom application. 

“The graduation was held in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic so that many IAPAT members were unable to attend. We broadcast this event through the Zoom application so that all alumni can witness for themselves the results of their efforts in helping the foundation,” added Ninik Harini, Deputy Chairperson of the Istiqomah Foundation. 

The event was attended by the General Chairperson of the Istiqomah Ima Syahata Foundation, Deputy Chairman Ninik Harini, General Secretary Suharjanto, Treasurer Andri Hidayatman, Head of Askar Kauny Ust Bobby Herwibowo, and Head of Wringin Putih Village. “We held this event very simply, in spite of all our limitations,” admitted Muchson. 

The three students who graduated were Fatimatu Zahro binti Ade Mahmudin, Nabila Putri Kurniawan binti Dian Kurniawan, and Najla Nabilah binti Muhammad Hasan. The three of them started memorizing Al-Quran on August 9, 2017. “For two years they were guided by Usthazah Irfah and memorized 10 juz. They were then educated for a year by Ustadz Fajar Ledianto to finish memorizing 30 juz,” added Ninik. 

The students were very excited to memorize Al-Quran while staying at Ma’had Istiqomah. The three of them made hand-picked testimonials of this success. “We are immeasurably happy because our efforts have succeeded so far. The three-year khatam target was achieved. Hopefully, the knowledge gained can be useful and become an encouragement for other santriwati to immediately learn. Thank you for the concern of Undip alumni who have helped honor the students,” said Ninik. 

The foundation management also thanked Ustadz Fajar and Umi Irfah who were able to discipline the students to memorize the verses. The foundation is also very grateful to Askar Kauny, who has the competence to assess the memorization of students. (*/est)