24 political parties make it into the administrative verification stage

Illustration of KPU. (IO/Dumaz Artadi)

Meanwhile, KPU is still checking the documents of 16 other parties:

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  1. Reformasi Party
  2. Negeri Daulat Indonesia (Pandai) Party
  3. Indonesian People’s Democratic Party (PDRI)
  4. People Sovereignty Party (PKR)
  5. Berkarya Party
  6. Parsindo
  7. Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu Party
  8. Karya Republik (Pakar) Party
  9. Bhineka Indonesia Party
  10. Pandu Bangsa Party
  11. Pergerakan Kebangkitan Desa Party
  12. Masyumi Party
  13. Damai Kasih Bangsa Party
  14. Kongres Party
  15. Pemersatu Bangsa Party
  16. Sovereignty Party (rr)