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2024 Charming Guangdong, World-Class Tourist Destination


Jakarta, IO – The highly-anticipated “Charming China (Guangdong) — Asia Culture Tour” has successfully concluded its Jakarta tour, leaving attendees with a deep impression of the rich cultural and tourism resources of Guangdong. The event, held to promote the dynamic potential of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, was marked by a series of captivating performances, informative presentations and immersive exhibitions. Government officials from both China’s Guangdong and Indonesia, travel agents and enthusiasts, media professionals, university representatives, students from Confucian institutions and Chinese culture lovers are among those gathering to explore the rich culture and tourism of Guangdong.

World-Class Tourist Destination Promotion

The event commenced with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area World-Class Tourist Destination Promotion Conference. This segment featured engaging presentations by influencers and captivating videos, introducing the innovative “One Journey, Multiple Destinations” travel routes within the Greater Bay Area. Attendees were encouraged to explore multiple cities on a single trip, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the region’s diverse and high-quality cultural tourism resources.

Charming China
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Vibrant Cultural Performances

The event was filled with Guangdong vibes, featuring a series of performances that showcased the vibrant cultural wonders of the Province.

It opened with the dynamic Chaoyang Yingge Dance, a tradition of the Guangdong Chaozhou region, recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. This performance, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil and a wish for peace and prosperity, captivated the audience, with its energetic and rhythmic movements.

Lion dance and dragon dance performances also brought joy and excitement to the audience, embodying power, good fortune and prosperity.

Wing Chun, a martial arts discipline originating in Guangdong, left the audience in awe of performers’ skill and precision. Moreover, attendees were treated to a variety of traditional Chinese music, including Erhu solo pieces “Jasmine” and “Clouds Chasing the Moon”.

Charming China
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Immersive Exhibitions

As another highlight of the event, the “Charming Guangdong” Photography Exhibition featured a stunning collection of photographs, capturing the beauty and cultural richness of Guangdong.

It was comprised of fifty works completed by photojournalists and photographers from the Nanfang Media Group and the Guangdong Photographers Association. The Exhibition is divided into three sections:

“Integration of Mountains, Cities, Rivers, and Seas: Harmonious Coexistence of All Things,” “Global Economic and Trade Connections: A Hotbed for Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” and “Lingnan Cultural Essence: A Beautiful and Prosperous Land.”

Visitors can appreciate beautiful landscapes and cultural customs from various regions of Guangdong Province, including bustling urban scenes of Guangzhou, modern cityscapes of Shenzhen, along with the historical and cultural landmarks of Shantou, Jiangmen and Meizhou.

The Exhibition also highlights such famous “Guangdong icons” as Cantonese opera, lion dances, dragon boat races and Wing Chun. Additionally, it showcases Guangdong’s achievements in the new era, documenting its rapid development in economy, technology, and culture, through themes like the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Canton Fair.

Charming China
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The exhibition pays special attention to Guangdong’s culture and ecology, presenting the intricate details of life and the charm of nature. It vividly reflects green and beautiful Guangdong under high-quality development and the happy lives of its people. The photographers, akin to treasure hunters, delve into the vast fields and daily lives of the inhabitants, using their lenses to tell the compelling stories of Guangdong, the Greater Bay Area, and China.

Alongside the photography exhibition, the event wowed the visitors with an Exhibition of Selected Guangdong Folk Art Pieces. It showcased the essence of folk art from the Cantonese, Hakka, and Chaoshan regions, through displays and interactive exchanges. The exhibited works are both handcrafted legacies of folk art masters and a reflection of the lifestyle of the people in the Lingnan region.

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Objects such as the Guangdong embroidery, Guangzhou painted porcelain (Guangcai) and Foshan woodblock New Year pictures transported visitors into the world of Lingnan culture. They expressed their admiration for the intricate craftsmanship and the associated rich cultural heritage. Another attendee commented, “The folk art pieces are not just art; they are a window into the daily lives and cultural practices of the people of Guangdong. It is amazing to see such a rich heritage preserved and celebrated.”

A Celebration of Cultural Exchange

As the curtains closed, the event was hailed as a resounding success, fostering cultural understanding and highlighting the diverse attractions of Guangdong to an international audience. The immersive cultural experience provided attendees with a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Guangdong and the dynamic potential of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as a world-class tourist destination. (des)


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