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2020 Public Relations trend: Data analysis technology dominates


IO, Jakarta – Public Relations (PR) in Indonesia in 2020 is projected to have intensified use of data man­agement and analysis technology as the basis for better strategy formulation, establishing better focused campaigned, targeting public groups more accurately, and finding better and more cre­ative ways to do these. The current trend is to create work scenarios that include trans-digital methods. USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations stated in its 2019 Global Communications Report that PR professionals will more technol­ogy for social listening, analyzing website performance, and manage social media.

“Involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) in communication and market­ing work has become more preva­lent around the world in the past year. Indonesia is also predicted to get better at utilizing the AI potential to run business and market intel­ligence, disseminate information, and plan PR marketing,” said Jojo S. Nugroho, General Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Public Relation Businesses (Asosiasi Peru­sahaan Public Relations Indonesia – “APPRI”).

Consequently, PR work will be even more integrated with market­ing and selling in order to response to challenges in two levels at once: corporate level and consumer mar­ket level. Jojo believes that a more mature business intelligence will help companies and organizations position themselves better amid the dynamics of social issues. “PR practitioners must develop the abil­ity to translate data into strategies and actions. Using AI, PR can pro­vide better input towards policies, be more helpful to the company in making important decisions, and encourage more precise changes in behavior. This transcends the gen­eration of awareness and preference that is the general scope of PR work so far,” he said.

Even though digital data technol­ogy becomes more and more neces­sary, basic PR skills and human re­lations expertise remain necessary. “Work tools continue to develop and make PR work more effective and ef­ficient. However, the intelligence and wisdom of a good PR practitioner cannot be replaced by technolo­gy. PR is one of the most dynamic professions around, and the art of maintaining public relations must be preserved,” he said.

Jojo further stated that 2020 will be a year of closer collaborations. “Each agency offers something dif­ferent, but it is practically impossi­ble for any one agency to become the best in everything. PR agencies can complement and support each other according to their specific ex­pertises in order to achieve the cli­ent’s purposes,” he said. “APPRI also predicts that boutique-scale agen­cies will gain more interest as time goes by, because they are flexible, adaptive, creative, communicative, and competitive – all of which adds to their ability to respond to their cli­ents’ needs in a better way.”


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