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165 Indonesian Citizens Face Death Penalty, Kemlu Reveals


Jakarta, IO – The Foreign Ministry (Kemlu) revealed that there are 165 Indonesian citizens facing death penalty overseas in various legal cases, 155 of them in Malaysia, one in Vietnam, and three each in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Laos. The majority of them are migrant workers, said citizen protection director Judha Nugraha, per CNN Indonesia, Fri (21/6).

He explained that the majority of the cases are related to narcotics trafficking. Some are indicted for murder. In Malaysia, many of them were tricked into becoming drug mules.

“There were those who were asked to carry their girlfriends’ belongings, but they didn’t know what was in the items. And when they went through inspection at the airport, it turned out that the contents were narcotics,” said Judha.

Together with the Indonesian embassies and relevant ministries, Kemlu strives to ensure that they receive necessary legal assistance and their rights are duly protected according to local laws. 

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Juda said citizens going overseas, especially migrant workers, need to be equipped with knowledge and awareness of the drug trafficking MO. 

“Preventive measures to provide information regarding local laws, local customs, are very important to prevent further criminal cases punishable by death,” he added. (bp)


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