Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 05:39 WIB

14 Coldplay fans claimed they are cheated out of Rp30 million


Jakarta, IO – As many as 14 people became the victims of fraud after they sought to buy Coldplay concert tickets in Jakarta, said National Police Crime Investigation Department (Bareskrim).

They admitted that the total losses reached up to Rp 30 million. The Coldplay concert ticket sales scam was carried out through social media, reported CNNIndonesia.

“In this case, victims from several areas outside Jabodetabek suffered losses related to ticket sales,” said Zainul Arifin, the lawyer of one of the victims, in Jakarta, Friday (19/5).

Zainul explained that the perpetrators used social media and messaging applications like Twitter, Instagram and Telegram to lure the victims.

After transferring the money, the alleged perpetrator immediately blocked the victim’s number so they could not be contacted.

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Zainul said the victims were interested not because the price was cheaper but because they were big fans of the British rock band.

Zainul hopes police can immediately investigate the complaint and arrest the perpetrators. He also asked the police to take action against the promoter if they are proven to be complicit. (at)


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