Ramang Ramang, the second largest karst in the world

Enjoy the stunning view along the river of Ramang-Ramang village. (photo: IO/Haris)

IO – Located about 40 km from Hasanuddin Airport Makassar, Rammang Rammang can be reached easily and quickly. We chose to use ojek online with consideration of cost-efficient and fast travel time. After about a forty-minute cruise on a motorcycle, we arrived at Dermaga (Pier) 2. There are 3 piers along the Pute River, and we chose pier 2 because the tourist information center, whose building construction is almost completed, is located

By paying Rp300,000, we were taken around along the Pane River to enjoy the beauty of the second-largest Karst in the world. We were fortunate, as at that time the water was high so that Pak Kamaruddin, our boat man could take us to some extra beautiful places that in the dry season could not be reached, like Gua Kunang-Kunang and other caves that have ancient relics of paintings on the walls.

The village of Ramang-Ramang is surounded with lush rice fields and trees. (photo: IO/Haris)

Along the way, on the both sides of the river are filled with dense Mangrove and Nipah trees with a background of rows of towering limestone hills. Occasionally, some endemic animals such as Sulawesi Eagles, Sulawesi Apes, and various types of butterflies appeared.

Our trip along the Pute River ended at Kampung Ramang-Ramang. Surrounded by towering Karst hills, this village presents unique, beautiful, and majestic  scenery. As the sun sets, another remarkable performance is the thousands of bats that come out of their nests.

Enjoying dinner at a café with its delicious specialties while being surrounded by flying fireflies is another unforgettable attraction. (Haris Winarto)