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11 Election Supervisors die in Central Java, more than any other province


IO, Solo – Compensation for the polling station (TPS) supervisors from Solo who died during the election process had already been handed over.  The heirs receive a payout amounting to Rp36 million. Head of the Central Java Bawaslu Secretariat Kartini Tjandra Lestari has symbolically handed this over to one of the heirs, Mela Siti Malikah, at the Surakarta Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) Office on Friday (6/14/2019).

Kartini said there was one officer from the Bawaslu Solo by the name of Agung Nugroho who died; he had served in the Karangasem TPS RT 03 RW 04, Laweyan, Solo. “There was only one victim from Solo. We handed over Rp36 million compensation to the family,” Kartini said.

According to her, in Central Java there were 11 election supervisory officers who passed away while carrying out their duties on April 17, 2019.  “Totally, there are 11 officers who passed away from seven cities / regencies in Central Java: from Solo, Purworejo, Sukoharjo, Tegal, Brebes, Blora and Kebumen,” she said. Kartini added, “Compensation has actually been sent through their bank account transfer on May 31, 2019, but Bawaslu only just met the family today”.As reported, Agung Nugroho died on April 28, 2019; he was known to have been suffering from leukemia, and had a blood transfusion the day before the election. 

However, he was still on duty on April 17, 2019. Since that time Agung’s health continued to decline.  On April 28, he was unconscious when he was about to perform the Zuhr prayer. Agung’s wife Mela is said to have accepted her husband’s passing away.  According to her, the compensation money will be used to fulfill the needs of her 6-year-old child. “We have accepted the death of my husband. We hope the government will evaluate the pressure caused by simultaneous elections so that similar incidents will not happen again,” Mela said. (dsy)


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