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Enjoy a spice-rich modern cuisine at Attarine Jakarta


IO, Jakarta – Spices have become part of the typical taste of Indonesian cuisine. This is the wealth of the archipelago that became the reason for Europeans to travel halfway across the world, others through the historic Silk Road,  as they set foot in Indonesia. The richness of spices and saga of Silk Road inspired Potato (PTT) Family to formulate the concept of Attarine restaurant in Jakarta. Since the opening in October 2016, Attarine consistently presents new menus according to the season. Now, the restaurant with a unique interior design is presenting the modern side without leaving the spice blend of the world in its dishes. Located in the cosmopolitan capital of Kota, Gunawarman Street which is still in one group with Potato Head.

“Potato Head has an iconic style and engages many contemporary artists, whilst for Attarine we want to create a more intimate and warm atmosphere for our guests,” said Deri Jindhar, a media relation executive of PTT Family.

In terms of atmosphere, Attarine has the feel of a more casual and simple dining room than other similar restaurants. The vintage atmosphere can be felt through some old painting accessories and the existence of an ancient Morris car that has been transformed into a container plant and a pile of menus. Plus, some ornate plants in the room, giving the feel of ‘life’ tub in the middle of a park. This concept is suitable for those who want to hang out with friends after a busy day and need a more relaxed atmosphere.

In accordance with the concept of chef-driven, this restaurant is enriched with the menu of a variety of mixed cuisines the result of the creativity of three chefs. All three of them are Ismawan who traveled and gained experience from United Arab Emirates-Oman-Indonesia, Aditya who has experience in the oriental food sphere in Singapore-New York-Copenhagen-Bali, and Jacob Burerell from California who expertly creates authentic cuisine according to the season. This time, Attarine features more starters and main dishes with a wide selection of meats. For the first time, Attarine also brought out a pasta dish. Among others are Wood-Fired Large Shrimp coated in coconut sauce, Market Ceviche, Pumpkin Gnocchi Shredded Duck, Bucatini Pasta, Grilled Lamb Shoulder, Braised Beef Short Rib, and others.

“We’ve changed the menu six times from the first time we opened, currently, mostly on the menu bar there are 14 dishes from the appetizer to the main course,” said Deri Jindhar, media relation executive PTT Family.

Through the creations of chef Jacob Burrel and the team, the dishes at this 74 seater restaurant combine a delectable display of classy cuisine with a graceful flavor but not letting go of the gastronomic luxury. As with the Silk Road concept, this restaurant is dominated by rich herbs. Some of the herbs used are cinnamon, coriander, cloves, tamarind, turmeric, cardamom, lemongrass, chili, nutmeg, cilantro, long pepper Java, black pepper, red onion, steamed cherries, until sea salt. Try not to envision an Indonesian menu, because the true menu is typical Attarine combining all areas including the Silk Road, ranging from East Asia to the South and Middle East.

“All the dishes are a blend of all areas of the Silk Road. For example is a beet, we play with beets of muhammara from the Middle East and adapted it to the needs of the menu,” said Burrel.

“Some other adaptations from the Western menu are the walnuts replaced by cashew nuts, the use of lemongrass, onion, and ginger, and lemons replaced by lime, and many more.” Our approach starts from culture and we want it to be more personal, “he added.

This Californian man USA, once served as executive chef at Bug Sur Bakery and Restaurant, and a sous chef at Manresa Restaurant who won three Michelin stars. Armed with the experience he has, he learnt to combine seasonal products from small farms and local producers and using his own cooking techniques.

One of Indonesia’s most noticeable dish is the slow cooked beef brisket with soft cooked egg. The basic concept is beef chest cooked with spices and little vegetables like carrots. But the taste reminds you of oxtail soup, with a more modern look. Similarly, the chicken leg menu by Attarine. The outside look is of a village fried chicken that many restaurants generally sell in Java. But, with a good technique in the hands of Burrel, this chicken has a rich spice flavor, soft texture but still intact.

The price offered by Attarine ranges from Rp25 thousand to Rp175 thousand for food, Rp30 thousand to Rp50 thousand for non-alcoholic drinks, and Rp90 thousand-Rp300 thousand for alcoholic beverages. (Aldo)


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